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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

April roundup

This is my lowest monthly spend for this year, still a bit higher than I hoped, but I have purchased grasses for my butler sink, which were more expensive than first planned, it should look brilliant.
The top spend on my wool was yarn from Spain, which was too cheap not to purchase, the 2nd purchase was for my shawl and yet more sock yarn.

I have spent nothing on clothes and books, which is pleasing and expected.

We turned our heating off over Easter, and as yet not needed it back on.

We have sorted our bank accounts and come away from paying a charge each month, before we got travel insurance within the bank package, and some other insurances, but due to hubby's recent health problems, we purchased a better travel insurance package for the whole year. so we are saving £14 per month from the bank, plus now they are paying us £2 per month for us using the accounts. So after paying for the insurance we are saving £42 this year.

Our food waste is again very low, we did eat loads of different meals, Easter left our fridge with loads of leftovers. Talking of Easter, I managed to get eggs with no plastic wrapping.
Had a great shop at Ocado, my coffee bags were on offer at £2 instead of £3.50, we needed a few things to make the order value up for delivery. So half price shopping.

Other than purchasing the decking our spending has been low, but hubby will save loads by fitting the decking himself, it is the final big job. We will both be happy once it's finished. We will require a few items to finish the garden, which hubby will order in bulk.


  1. We have been saving as our old lawnmower is giving up the ghost and we need a new one. We've had to buy soil for the veg beds and I've bought some lavender to replace the scorched heather that died in last summer's heatwave. Best, Jane :)

  2. I suppose looking back over your accounts you'll be able to tell which hobbies you were favouring at different times of the year. It's always worth keeping an eye on bank accounts, especially if you're paying a charge, you made a great saving there.

  3. I think you've done very well with your spending.
    I haven't really bought anything for the garden yet, i'm still waiting for it to warm up, maybe when we come back from our week away next week. Have a good week

  4. We are able to get free travel with our Nationwide account and the account is free too so it is a big saving. Gardens do take a lot of money as do hobbies - but as least they give you so much pleasure.

  5. You must be pleased with your savings (and spending) for April.

    All the best Jan

  6. A great saving at Ocado.



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