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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Back home- and it's raining

 200 grams of yarn for 10 euro's (£8.60) each ball, fantastic bargain, I purchased 2 and hubby got me 2 more, this yarn will be used on my loom for weaving. I looked for long knitting needles, which i require for my leftie shawl, this set was just 1 euro.
The tiny threads are for my daughter, she loves minature crochet for her dolls house. the 2 tea towels were reduced to 60cents each (£1.03 for both)
 I knitted these socks, using the yarn gifted to me on Mothering Sunday, I was not sure regarding the huge blocks of colour as I was knitting, but now they are on the shapers, I do like the look.
I read 2 books, I am watching you was really good, Gallows View, was slow, it's the 1st book about DCI Alan Banks.
 It is great to be back at home, we got in very late last night, so after a lovely long sleep, we are getting back to normal life. I walked around our tiny garden this morning, with our cat Purdy, I was pleased to see we did not miss the tulips in bloom. So many plants are now coming back, I was also pleased to see loads of English bluebells, I dug out loads of wild garlic last year, and thought I might have lost most of the bluebells. I have loads of petals to pick up off the lawn, but as it is raining that can wait.
We are doing our second load of laundry, but the suitcases are empty and packed away. So with a lovely cup of tea, we are catching up with post and online things.
I do have just one more post with photo's of Valencia, which I will show next time,


  1. I can see your four legged inspector patrolling the garden ....
    Good bargain with the wool
    The socks looks great, I like the larger colour block.

  2. It is lovely to get away but wonderful when you get back home. your purchases are all pretty and good bargains.

  3. Your tulips look so pretty. How nice to come home to them. I love going on vacation, but love coming home again even more.

  4. What wonderful things to come home to. Our cats always ignore us for a solid day after we return. :)

  5. I don't like all the catching up after being away, at least you have not missed your Tulips😁 ours are still giving plenty of colour too. Great buy with the yarn and needles and I like your colour block socks, they look so cheerful!



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