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Monday, 29 April 2019


 I love this second shawl, the colours are very me, I have packed it away until later in the year, it will match my winter coat. The 1st shawl, I am giving to my eldest daughter, the colours are really her. I have weighed my left over yarn, 170grms, so I need to decide should I make socks or gloves. I won't start anything now, so I have plenty of time to think.

Does this happen in your house, we purchased two new cat beds, the same design as the old ones, Purdy is happy, but Grace hid behind our sofa, it always takes her a couple of days to get used to new beds. Our old beds we passed on to a local animal center, they still have life, they just looked tatty. I have moved Grace's basket to beside my chair, so now she is using it.
Saturday we had Will at lunch time, mummy and daddy went to a wedding, Will slept over at our request, and for the 1st time slept in a bed in our room, we still are not happy having him sleep downstairs. Sunday was loads of fun, he helped hubby fill the bird feeders, and enjoyed time in the garden. We had a lazy afternoon after our early start to the day, I have done loads more to my blanket.
I have also finished reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult, a story following various people, Sage, her grandmother a Holocaust survivor, and elderly German man. This is a brilliant book on a terrible subject, but it's written so well, you want to read what happens to everyone. It did leave me with questions, I would recommend it.
Will is back with us today, I am hoping we will walk to the park, but hubby is working on our decking, so I think Will will want to watch. I have a few things to move in the garden, nothing huge, plus a few task in my greenhouse. It's sunny and cold, which is perfect working weather, we had hardly any rain over the weekend, the last time we had a day of rain was 9th April, so much for April showers.


  1. The shawl looks great and I love the colours, I think I'd make some gloves or mittens with the leftovers if you're going to wear the shawl with your coat, it would be nice to have matching. Archie is so fussy with his beds, he has one for upstairs and he has one in a room downstairs but if we move it into a different room he won't use it so we've given up trying to make him use a bed in the living room, he just uses the sofas. We had torrential rain on Saturday, Mick's cricket match got abandoned.

  2. The shawl is really lovely, well done. Our Betty loves a new bed, she jumps in it and has a good sniff straight away, then curls up immediately.

  3. Lovely scarves and what a lovely gift for your daughter. We had loads of rain, which we were glad of for the garden and filling the water butt. Today it's warm and sunny and the washing has already been out several hours and more will be joining it. Have a lovely day with Will. Best, Jane :)

  4. I think the shawl looks great and I do like the colours.

    All the best Jan

  5. The shawl looks stunning. Like Jo, I vote you make mittens or gloves to match the shawl.
    I bought our cat one of those beds but he never used it.

  6. Isn't it amazing how little boys are so engrossed watching men work?

  7. The shawl is lovely - I like both sets of colours. I am wondering if I will ever get this jumper finished - I am sure my granddaughter will have grown out of it before she even gets it. Hope you had a lovely day with Will.

  8. The shawl is lovely! You are so fortunate to be able to spend time with Will. We will be making our all day(even by air)trip to Alabama in June, just to see our two grandchildren. Of course they are worth the trouble but that trip is a pain. Plus we are only up to it one time a year so we have very limited time with the children.

    1. Our grandson are spread about, two are 3 hours drive away, another is 3 hours in a different direction, I also have 2 grandsons locally, who we still don't get to see enough of, they have busy lives, so Will is a joy to us.



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