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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Finding normal

I filled this jar with Spanish treats, these are jelly sweets, they look and taste just like berries, I brought back a huge bag of these, so they will last a long time. We always bring back treats, most of which I can't eat as the Spanish love their almonds in almost everything. 
 These 4 tiny containers cost me 2 euros, they look perfect for my succulent seeds, which are tiny and take ages to germinate, they won't take up too much room on my desk. 
 I am back knitting my shawl, I am loving the shades, 
completely wrong shades for this time of year. 
I am now ready to switch to the longer knitting needles for this shawl.
I have started reading this book,
 I am enjoying it, I like her writing style. 
 I am really pleased with my Acer, after watching Monty in Japan, and seeing how the gardeners there crop their trees to show the space within, I decided to do the same with mine, and I am pleased with the results, there are less leaves, but the tree has more definition.
My Peonie is in bud, I have counted 8 so far, looks as if it's going to be a good year for this wonderful plant, I have another (from this plant) in a pot which is also growing well. 
In the area of Spain we visit, the cost of living is much lower than here in the UK, and our exchange for euro's was very good, so most things are much cheaper. On many past trips I have come home with branded clothes, purchased at great prices, there was loads I loved, but keeping to my new way of life, I decided not to purchase anything, I did see 1 beautiful jumper, but after alot of thought, I decided as lovely as it was, I did not need it. 
We are back in our normal life, I have planted the little tubs above, using fine compost from my wormery, it looks rich and beautiful, I love seeing the small propagator on my desk, I have everything crossed something will grow. 
A trip to a garden center is planned, I would like some grasses and Heuchera plants for my butler sink, I have not grown either before, but think they will add to the spot behind my Acer. I did walk to our local market on Wednesday, but even being full with plants, the stall did not have anything I require. 
We had Will and mummy visit for the morning, Will was smelling all the plants and loved the colours, both mummy and I had cut flowers for the house. Will helped hubby fill all the bird seed holders and they hung our wind chimes in the Magnolia tree, summer is on it's way. I am feeling the cold since we have returned from Spain, I am sure it is colder this week than the last week in March. I am wrapping up warm, as yet I have not done much in the garden, I have spent time in my greenhouse. 
Thursday was a lazy day at home, reading and catching up with friends and neighbours. Friday I went out with youngest daughter and Will in the morning, and had a coffee with eldest daughter in afternoon. I did pop to the local second hand shop which has a great craft section, but I did not buy anything. I do need to use some of my yarn and material, or I will become one of those ladies whose hobby is collecting craft supplies. 
Friday hubby was in central  London on his bike, with loads of others, mainly ex service, they rode around the city to show their support for soldier F, having servered in Northern Ireland he has strong feelings on the whole issue. Over 20,000 bikes took part, but the BBC decided not to report the event.


  1. Your trip to Spain certainly got some lovely bargains! We've also been busy in the garden. I got a dozen red geraniums to go in the raised bed for £8 from Lidl and I've planted 75 white flowering bulbs on Ginger's resting place. We'll be growing toms and peppers in the greenhouse and the onions are already out. We popped to our local garden centre yesterday. We tried growing savoy cabbage a while ago, without much luck, so we looked at plants. £2.49 for one small plant, which I thought was very expensive considering you can buy a large cabbage from the greengrocer for a little over £1. Best, Jane x

    1. Gingers spot is going to look beautiful this summer. No room in my garden for veg, and as yet I have not purchased the tomatoe or cucumber plants I require, it's not worth using seeds for just one plant of each.

  2. Your Acer is looking good.

    All the best Jan

  3. Those little berry candies look yummy! I have The Storyteller on hold at the library. I hope it is good.

  4. DH watched Monty in Japan and gave our acer a makeover too. He's added a few smaller evergreens to a pot that he hopes to keep little too as he liked the bonsai'ing.
    The shawl will be lovely in the cooler summer evening when you sit outside.

  5. Those candies are very pretty and tasty looking. The knitting is lovely too! Wow, that is a lot of bikes!

  6. I'm partial to fruit flavored candies, and those berry jellies look so good! Your peony looks very lush and full. We're at least a month away from anything like that blooming here. I had my first crocus blooms yesterday, and we're still waiting for tulips and daffodils.

  7. My grandma used to grow lunaria (money plant as it's called here) and I tried to grow it several years ago. It's self seeded every year since, they never get large but are really beautiful.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  8. Your flowers are so beautiful. I love seeing them.



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