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Thursday, 18 April 2019

On my hook

My newest blanket is growing quickly, I have no design, just using the leftover yarn from my bedcover ripple blanket. I am making a oblong using the granny stitches, simple and quick, it's a perfect use for the huge bag of yarn. I am not making full rounds, I have loads of colours in various sized balls of yarn, I just pick a colour and use it all up, then on to my next colour.
I normally love to work neat, tidy with defined lines, but this is fun, I have no idea how far the yarn will go, and how it will look in the end, the only rule I have is to use the smaller balls first, working toward the bigger balls as the blanket gets bigger.
My hope is a lap blanket, if it gets bigger than that it will be a bonus, I still have a long way to go, but it's great to be making something so free and fun.
Wednesday we popped to town to our bank, we did wander around the shops, but only purchased items on out list, we are getting very good at looking at things and then leaving them in the shop.
Today we have a delivery of decking coming, we got the best price from Travis Perkins, the boards are treated and extra length's, we have to wait in today for their delivery.
We have been given a bigger water butt for the garden, so this morning, I am going to empty the smaller butt, using the water in pots around the garden, any left over will be given to our Magnolia tree. We will put the bigger butt by the garage, handy for me to use. The smaller butt is going just outside our gates, it will be handy to have more stored water here.  I do have to move my violets and a lily from the corner of my side garden, I will leave the lily in a pot until I can find a new home
No planting this Easter, still far to early, but I will tidy up a bit. I must have the tidiest small garden in the land.


  1. Your blankets are looking fabulous. I'm not good at doing random but find I make myself do it with some of my blankets. I like the idea of using up the leftovers and especially using the smaller balls up first. I keep telling my other half it's too early to plant out yet as we're still getting the old frost but leave a man to his own devices for too long and you will arrive home to find he thinks he's done you a huge favour by getting the plants you have so lovingly been nurturing out into the sunshine and all cosy in their new little beds. grr so tomorrows job when I have the day to myself will be to go around and move them all into their rightful places and hope that jack frost doesn't appear.


  2. I was terrible at random, but my ripple blanket worked so well, I'm more relaxed these days. My other half does not you h plants in my back garden, he has the front garden, where we park the cars, he has planted shrubs he loves.

  3. Lovely blanket. I like order too, but I'm working on a stash busting lap rug before I make a cover for the storage bench. We have done lots of planting so I hope we haven't been to premature. Best, Jane x



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