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Monday, 22 April 2019

Easter Sunday

I am working on my shawl, hubbies socks will be next.
 Cacti and succulent seeds, 4 different types, 
Easter egg hunt, Sunday morning. 

After a great BBQ with hubby and brother on Saturday night, where we sat out quite late. Sunday was a family day. Will, mummy and daddy came for lunch, we had a simple easter egg hunt, which Will loved, just a few hollow eggs, coins and a couple of smarties tiny ducks, he loved the new blue bucket.
As with all our recent days the doors were open onto the decking, Will did not want to spend any time inside, the whole garden had toys everywhere. He loves football, and now golf and frisbee's. Lunch cooked by hubby was roast lamb, we did manage to get Will to sit at the table, afterwhich he had a long sleep, then back outside for my games. They stayed later, and hubby lit another BBQ, far too much food in one day.
But it was a brilliant family time, loads of chatter sat in the sun shine, just a perfect day. Later I did some more knitting on my shawl, I am loving this knitting.
This morning my brother is driving back home to Somerset, it will take him about 3 hours, we will next see him on early May bank holiday, when we will drive to his.
Today is cloudy, and being British, I don't mind, having has 3 days of sunshine, where I have been outside most of the days, it's nice to not have to worry about getting burnt.
Hubby did suggest we start on the decking, but agreed it would be nice to have a restful day, having said that our line is full of washing.


  1. What a lovely weekend! I had to work the weekend, but I've got today off. We still have hot sunshine today, but we're expecting cooler weather and, hopefully, some rain for the garden. Best, Jane :)

  2. It's lovely to see the kids get excited about hunting for eggs isn't it. Our three had great fun outside all day yesterday. I'm having a quiet day today, i've only got a 3 day working week this week as I have Friday off but I do have Bonnie tomorrow and Wednesday. Well done with reviving the tomato plant, I want to have a go at tomatoes again this year, I've not been very successful in the past, but that's been more my fault I think. You have a lot of lovely things growing in your green house. I'ts lovely and sunny here again today but with more of a breeze than yesterday.

  3. Sounds a lovely Easter weekend.
    The little-ones always enjoy Easter Egg hunts :)

    All the best Jan

  4. It sounds like the perfect Easter weekend, and especially so as you've have a special little person to share it with. I just wanted to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my last post about the death of my mum, it was very much appreciated and helped so much to know that people were thinking of me at this sad time xx

  5. I've enjoyed a lovely catch up read of your news Marlene. The new wooden shelf in the garden does look good. Will certainly seems to be enjoying the egg hunt, my granddaughter loved it too as her and the family came to spend Easter Sunday with us.
    The shawls are so pretty and it fits perfectly around your neck.



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