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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Science Park and river bed

The science park in Valencia is huge and very modern, we were last here 14 years ago, it has water everywhere and is very clean. This location has been used on a Stars Wars film, I am not sure which one, but it does have a skyfi look about the place and on a very sunny day it could be another world.
Walking further along the old river bed, which has been turned into park land again with loads of shallow ponds, shady spots and wide walking and cycling paths. We visited on Sunday and it was very busy, as you walk along this area all around you the city towers over you. . Many years ago, the river bed would flood when the rains came, so the path of the river was moved and the old river bed was used for leisure, further out there are football pitches and other sport areas.
We love Spain and visiting our Spanish friends, we are lucky to be able to stay in a simple family environment, with 3 generations of 1 family. In July they will come and visit us for a week, we have visited each other for over 20 years and have watched the daughter grow to young women.


  1. It certainly looks very architectural with those buildings. So clean and modern.

  2. It's certainly and amazing place that we'd love to visit one day. Your photos are fantastic and certainly capture the futuristic look of the place. The Science Park also featured in a Dr Who episode and in the film Tomorrowland. Best, Jane x

  3. That ;sounds like a wonderful trip and time with friends. I can imagine those buildings in a Star Wars film!!

  4. It looks very bright and clean. Glad you had a lovely time, hope you're not feeling the cold too much now you're back home!

  5. It looks an amazing place, lovely to see the photographs here.

    All the best Jan



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