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Monday, 15 April 2019

It's still cold

2 of my pest control plants are looking good, both have really healthy new growth. These preform their duties inside my greenhouse.
 I cut my pitch plant back, but there is signs of new growth
 Plus a flower
 Never had a bloom before, can't wait for it to open
 The skies don't tell the whole story here, the most beautiful blue, 
but it's still so cold
 And blowy, this scene is the same every morning,  but the green leaves are now forming, so the tree is healthy and will cast a shade over my greenhouse when the days are hot. 
We had a lazy weekend, hubby was very tired after his long day on Friday, he always rides with a helmet camera, and it showed all the bikes and the riders, a steady ride through the heart of London.
Both Saturday and Sunday the only time we went out was to walk to the village shops on Saturday. We have caught up with some TV, drank a nice bottle of red, shared over both evenings. I am up to date with In The Line of Duty, I just love these story lines.
Hubby has been checking the cost of decking, but we are waiting to see if anywhere will give discounts over Easter or either of the May Bank Holidays, we are trying to avoid paying full price. it will be the final big job of our house.
I hope to have a finish and a new start for my next post, I love having time to knit and read.
Will will be here soon, we have him for the day, no plans, if it is nice we will be in the garden, he does not like to be stuck inside, I hope we can walk to our local park, they have upgraded the play area.


  1. What's a lazy weekend? LOL Your garden is looking lovely. We have lots of green, but not much colour yet. It's very blowy here too. Have you looked at reclaimed decking? It might be cheaper than new. Have a lovely day with Will. Best, Jane x

  2. I long for a lazy weekend - I think it will be June before we have one! It has been really cold here and the frosts have claimed my Dicentra as the flower petals were unfolding - such a shame.

  3. How nice that you had time to do a little relaxing over the weekend. Everyone needs some time to read, knit, watch tv and drink some wine once in a while!

  4. Glad you enjoyed a quiet weekend, our was very hectic with a wedding on Saturday and Arthur's birthday on Sunday. I usually give myself the day off on Sunday, my only chore is the ironing. Never mind we have a lovely 4 day weekend to look forward to this week :-)

  5. It's sometimes good to have a quiet weekend.
    Those blue skies do look nice, and so does your garden.

    All the best Jan



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