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Friday, 30 November 2018

Terrific Thursday

Afternoon tea at a Spa day

 Hot tub outside
I was asked by hubby to keep Thursday clear, we were going out, I have no problems with that. Wednesday evening I was told I had to be at daughters by 9am  Thursday morning, on my own, so not a nice meal with hubby. I arrived at my daughters, she asked if I had my costume, nope, so I borrowed one of her's. Daughter drove us to Hilton Hotel, next to Ageas Bowl cricket ground, near Southampton. Hubby had paid for both of us to have a spa day as a thank you for our love and care of him.
So whilst most of the country struggled with horrible weather yesterday, daughter and I were in luxury, the spa is one of the best I have been to (in our price range), we both had a back, shoulder and neck massage, without any issues for me, I have a nut allergy and can't use loads of the oils they have, not an issue for them. Lunch was afternoon tea with prosecco.
Hubby had a quiet day at home, cooked a simple lovely meal for dinner, just a perfect day.
I finished reading another book in the Roy Grace series, Dead if you don't, the opening chapter was suggesting it might be a bit gory for me, I kept going and it was another great book.
Just a perfect day 


  1. How lovely. I'm sure you know how much your husband loves and appreciates you anyway but it's always nice when they show that love and appreciation with a treat like this. It sounds like you both had a lovely day and oh my, that afternoon tea, it looks delicious.

  2. What a super day out! And what a sweet and generous hubby. As Jo says, it's so nice to know how much you are loved and appreciated :) x

  3. What a lovely treat for you. Looks wonderful.

  4. What a fabulous treat Marlene, how thoughtful your hubby is.

  5. That's sounds wonderful, so pleased you enjoyed it.

  6. Wonderful surprise - your hubby really knows how to say thank you!

  7. What a sweet surprise for you, Marlene. How relaxing! Meg:)

  8. A truly wonderful and perfect gift for you both after the recent worries, what a gem your hubby is.

  9. Awwwwwwh, that's so sweet! We look after our significant others, because we love them. But then they go and do something mind-blowing like that, to say thank-you. You must be loved very much by your Mister. Glad you enjoyed the day with your daughter, and I hope your husband continues to get stronger. Cheers.

  10. What a fabulous treat! from those smiles it looks like you had a great day :-)

  11. Terrific Thursday is a great title for this post …
    You had a fabulous day and treat :)

    All the best Jan



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