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Thursday, 8 November 2018


These pink socks are finished, I am now liking the shades.
 Yesterday I wore my homemade pair, they are so comfortable and warm, these are the same yarn , but not a matching pair, which suits me. 
 Hand knitting from my friend Shelia
 A gift from sign class ladies
 Also for sign class, made by Mick, who bakes wonderful cakes. 
Hubby ordered this ages ago, it will go in the garden in the summer, I love it
It was my birthday on Wednesday, I was going to let it pass quietly this year, but friends and family made sure it was celebrated. I was too tired for sign class on Tuesday and did not go, but the above gifts were sent to me, the cake was brilliant.
Hubby's sister, brother and BIL drove over from Wales to see us both, Su and Will came for a couple of hours, so we shared the very tasty cake and enjoyed a lovely time together.
I have totally finished the editing of my blog book 2017, details of how I make the book can be seen here, a post from last year. I have started importing pages into 2018, which I will print in November next year. I take so much joy from looking back through my books, curled in a chair with a hot drink in a huge mug.
I am doing more to my ripple blanket, I spend alot of time with hubby in the afternoon, him resting me with my crochet hook. I popped to our local wool shop and purchased a couple sets of knitting needles, I have rewound one of my hand died sock yarn, I have a shawl pattern, I will start it soon, simple design, just loads of stitches. But can you picture this, one big hank of yarn needs rolling into a ball, hubby can't use his arms, so no help from him. I sat with legs up on a stool, wool wrapped around my toes, feet wide apart, rewinding the yarn, almost fell of chair a couple of times, but yarn sorted ready to start knitting.


  1. What lovely gifts Marlene, sounds like you had a wonderful day, many happy returns. Must have been a sight, you sitting with legs akimbo, with yarn wrapped round them! Best wishes to you and hubby x

  2. A belated happy birthday. I remember now that you share your birthday with my mum, it was her 84th yesterday. You got lots of lovely gifts, it's nice to get spoilt on your big day. Been there done that with the yarn, ha ha. I have a ball winder and swift now, so much easier.

  3. Belated Birthday wishes Marlene, another Scorpio woman like myself, love the robin.

  4. What a lovely week and such lovely gifts! I read the post about your blog book. What a super idea! Best, Jane :)

  5. What a lovely surprise for you, you're obviously well thought of. Love the socks.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to you :-) Lovely gifts :-)
    I've seen people put the hank of yarn around chair legs (chair turned upside down) to wind it into balls, might be a bit easier for you than struggling with it on your feet if you have to do it again.
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Lovely socks!! You've reminded me that my daughter has to go to school next week in odd socks for an anti-bullying day thing. I can just imagine the picture of you winding that yarn! That gave me a giggle! Have a lovely afternoon!

  8. Marlene, so sorry to read what you’ve been through in the last couple of weeks. Much relief that your hubby is home and recovering, hope you can start to relax a little and take care of yourself too.

  9. Happy belated birthday! I love the socks!

  10. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes.
    Glad you did manage to get the yarn wound!

    All the best Jan

  11. Well happy birthday a bit late. I can only imagine how nice it is to sit in the afternoon with your knitting and your DH at home. Sounds like plenty of people wanted to help you celebrate your birthday! That's so nice!

  12. Belated birthday wishes. A lovely cake and super gifts from your friends. The knitted plant and mini you is so personal and wonderful. The socks look a great fit. The pink ones turned out great. I bought myself a ball winder.
    Good news DH is doing well.

  13. Belated Happy Birthday - what lovely gifts and I bet that cake tasted so good. We have made a few Blurb books over the years - the last was an album for my mum of the family from when she was little to present day. DH had to do a lot of work on the old photos (and a lot of ours were old slides) to make them printable but with patience it can be done - though he is very good at it - I am not sure I would get such a good result.



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