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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Meanwhile outside

The garden is still giving, loads of flowers and berries around the plot, the birds have started eating some of the berries along the back hedge. I am picking up leaves every day, mainly the huge leaves from our Magnolia tree, Tuesday afternoon was so mild, I enjoyed time outside, not alot of work to do. I have planted my birthday bulbs, except the grape hyacinth, which I have given away, I prefer English Bluebells in the garden.
Everything in the greenhouse is OK, my raised bead gives me so much joy, my strawberry babies are looking good, should have great plants next spring.
I noticed my Hyacinth's in my pot are growing again, so fingers crossed for a Christmas show, plus my Amaryllis have shoots, but both look as if only leaves are growing, so I will pick another bulb up, next time our local market is on.
Wednesday I had lunch with a friend, just a normal thing to do, it felt so good, hubby  had a checkup with Doctor in morning, and all is well, he can now stop wearing the awful stockings, he is active enough not to need them.
I am reading more at this time, I have done a small amount on my shawl, and a couple more rows of my ripple blanket, but I am waiting for my wool orders to come, which won't be before the weekend.
Hubby and I pop out most days, only local, but it good for him to be walking, and the weather has turned so mild and sunny for a few days.


  1. We have some lovely things still flowering in our garden which look even better in this sunshine we are having. I must get the rest of the bulbs in and the Cyclamen today. Glad hubby is doing well - being able to go stockingless will help.

  2. It sounds like you are having some very nice days for a walk. The yard looks wonderful!

  3. Your gardens looking very autumnal and tidy.
    I've got a lovely pot of cyclamen on my conservatory table, that's added a blast of colour now the gardens looking depleted of it.
    I think you are meaning the white medical hosiery stockings?? Well I hope you are! That gave me a giggle this morning xx

  4. Yes they were medical stockings, thou we do love Rocky Horror show!!

  5. Our yard and garden are hibernating for the winter Happy yours is still looking good

  6. Your garden is still looking good, and I am pleased that you and hubby are getting out for walks.

    All the best Jan



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