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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Another catch-up

This is much wider than my first blanket, 
but it is growing at a nice speed
 I made this bag for holidays, but we cancelled our main holiday
so I have found another use for it
 Once I have used a colour on my blanket I pop the yarn in here, 
this way I don't use the yarn twice in the same block. 
Sunday we popped out for some potting compost and this plant came home with me, it was on my shopping list. The china pot I already had. 
£10 from Wilkinson, perfect for my raised bed in the greenhouse
Hubby paid for it as a gift to me. 

We are still spending most of our time at home, every morning I am picking up leaves from our Magnolia tree, there is about 1/3rd left on the tree, it does not feel like a chore again, I have always loved this tree.
I did alot of cooking over the weekend, we had a roast dinner Saturday, with enough for a second meal for hubby on Sunday, I took a curry out of the freezer for myself.
Saturday we sold our campervan, it was sad, but we really did not get out in it enough, every month this year we were tied up, we have wonderful memories from our trips, and loads of post on here, we sold it for almost the same price as we purchased it, we just lost out on servicing and the small internal refit. I have taken a few items out, which we can use at home, but the rest went with the van, the man drove it away very happy. We have no desire to purchase another one, we are already looking at city breaks, I really want to get to Liverpool next year. We are also planning a holiday next spring, we are checking prices but will probably purchase in January.
Sunday we have a wonder around a garden center, not one we go to often, it was gearing up for Christmas, making space for Christmas trees, there were a couple living ones, we were tempted, but walked past them. Rest of the day was spent at home, with crochet hook in hand.
Monday we popped to Fareham for just a bit of shopping and a light lunch, this year we decided to suggest to each other what we would like for presents, so hubby got me a lovely black leather bag and a garden kneeling stool (reduced at a brilliant price), I got hubby a drone with video camera, who knew he would want one!


  1. Everything in the shops is so tempting this time of year. My flowering Cactus is now about 25 years old and still going strong - it was a free gift when my younger daughter had a Saturday job at a greengrocers.
    City breaks seem like a good alternative to your camper van breaks - there is so much to see and do in the cities.

  2. It's so much easier to buy gifts for someone if you know what they want. I bought a Christmas cactus last year but it ended up rotting, it was only a small plant so I don't think it can have been rooted properly. I'd like to get another one this year so I shall have a look in Wilkos. Your blanket is coming on a treat.

  3. Lovely colours in your blanket, and a really pretty bag. So glad your hubby is getting better, fitter and stronger every day. Mine is out helping a neighbour with some gardening, have to keep an eye on him in this weather, cold winds affect his chest, making him breathless and giving him a bit of heart pain if he's not careful.

  4. Your blanket is coming on beautifully.
    Nice new Christmas cactus, I bought my mum on of those a few years back and its huge now.

  5. Your cactus is so pretty. I saw them at the store this week but so far I have resisted. When the right color comes along I will most likely cave.

  6. Love the stripey ripples Marlene, I am still working through my gift list but for a change last night I started hooking up a Great Granny square. I have a number of magic knot balls of left over yarn and am more than happy to see a basket full on the coffee table.

  7. Life changes quickly, doesn't it! I love the sound of your slower living, but still full of activity. Yes, who knew he'd want a drone, lol. Enjoy your holdiays, which are fast approaching!

  8. Love your cactus, it's a nice colour isn't it.

    All the best Jan

  9. Sad that you have sold the van, but it sounds like it was the right thing for you to do. Hope you enjoy your city breaks :)



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