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Monday, 5 November 2018

November garden

Blueberry bushes look beautiful
 Buds on blackcurrant ??


 Begonias and Geraniums  

Over the weekend the garden was looking wonderful, not at all like it should, far too many summer blooms out in flower, what a lovely bonus. Everywhere looks great in the sunshine, which is pleasing as hubby spends alot of time watching the birds at the feeders and looking at these blooms.
It was wonderful in the sunshine, I got both bedding and towels dried on the line, with just a short burst in the tumble dryer for the towels. I did spend 30 minutes wandering around, taking the above photo's.
Saturday afternoon hubby went for a short walk to our friends who live just over the road, we stayed for a cuppa and enjoyed a chat, it was nice for both of us to be out together.
Sunday a couple of his biker friends popped in, I left them together, whilst I crafted, it is so good to see so many improvements in hubby.


  1. Your garden looks lovely. We still have a few geraniums and dahlias, but that's about all now. I'm glad your hubby is getting about again and seeing friends will give him such a boost. Jane :) x

  2. Glad to hear that your husband is improving, having his friends visit must have given him a boost.
    The weather was ok here on Saturday, i managed to get all the washing dried too, although yesterday was very miserable, typical November day. have a good week

  3. What sweet photos of your garden! We only have a tiny balcony to grow things in but my little one did a great job this summer. We've cleared it all now ready for next spring.
    Glad your husband has friends visiting to keep him positive :)
    Have a lovely week!

  4. I'm really glad to hear he is doing so well. Plus that gives you some relaxing time with your garden. The blueberry bush is lovely!

  5. Our marigolds are hanging in there too. Just as well as there are a few bees still around! Blueberries are a wonderful colour too.

  6. You've still got some nice colour in the garden.
    Pleased to hear that your husband is improving and seeing friends.

    All the best Jan

  7. Good news that hubby is improving so well.
    You still have lots of colours in the garden.



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