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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Almost there.

Another nice mixture of colours and shades
 This is almost as tall as I am, so not too much more to do
 Not many of my yarns left, enough to finish this blanket
 I purchased extra colours, but these will be left over for another project. 
 Another good book, I have a couple titles left to read. 
We are still not doing much, I drove to our village yesterday in between the showers with hubby, he walked to post some cards and we popped into the Co-op, it's nice to see him out and about. We have no plans for today, but he is getting bored, so I think we will probably go out somewhere.
I am reading again, and enjoyed another story in the Roy Grace series, I have another book to read which is on my iPad, then I just have his newest book to get. I have also seen a few other authors I like have books out, so a trip to our library is planned.
Yesterday afternoon I did some more to my ripple blanket, I love the colours in this blanket, but as it gets bigger, I find myself wishing I had made it wider, it does cover the spare bed, but I just wish it was bigger. When I did the chain, I forgot to allow for the ripple effect of the chain, which made it smaller.
We are waiting for a PPI pay out, from a bank we used years ago, they have confirmed all the details by letter,  until recently we did not have any details for this mortgage, but a couple of months ago I found some old paperwork and sent it off, the banks pay interest on the amount being refunded and they deduct tax, but as I do not pay tax, I will be arranging for a refund of that as well, at the time the mortgage was only in my name. A nice windfall just before Christmas, but I won't be using it for presents, it will booster our savings.


  1. Really lovely blanket, Marlene. I think I might treat myself to Lucy of Attic24's new CAL sweetpea blanket kit she's starting in January.

  2. It's good your hubby's able to start getting out and about again! I too have been working on my crochet. A few days off work gets plenty done! Jane x

  3. Your blanket looks lovely

    Julie xxxxx

  4. Could do add a border around the blanket to make it just that little bit wider?
    Great news DH is enjoying a little outing. We had a nice drive in the country this afternoon which was lovely to see the autumnal colours in the hedges/trees etc.

  5. I haven't caught up in a while. I've enjoyed some off-screen time lately. But I was so glad to hear your husband is back home with you now. Such great news. No more daily traveling to the hospital, and all that entailed. Now you get to stay home together, rest, talk and craft.



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