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Friday, 9 November 2018

New start

I love flowers, and these birthday gifts are beautiful
 My sister sent my gift, all in the lovely basket
 SIL gave this scarf, which I am wearing now. 
I have started a shawl using one of my hand dyed sock yarns.

I have this year been spoilt on my birthday, in so many different ways, seeing my hubby regaining his strength, is my favorite thing. We had a lazy evening in together , a nice mug of drinking chocolate and an early night, hubby is still sleeping downstairs in the spare room, he has broken sleep most nights, he can climb the stairs for his morning shower.
Thursday morning he had an appointment for a blood test, so I drove him to the village, we walked to a couple of small shops and then stopped at our local Bistro for a coffee and cake, met a few neighbours, being sunny it was nice out, just much cooler in the shade. 
Now my thoughts turn to Christmas, I have not yet baked our cake, it's on my list of things to do next week. I have started on my Christmas cards, I am making a mixture of designs, 


  1. Gorgeous flowers and a lovely scarf. So glad to hear your hubby is regaining his strength, bet it was lovely to have a walk and a coffee and to meet up with friends/neighbours.

  2. Beautiful gifts Marlene. Every year I say I will start making my Christmas cards earlier, but never do. To date I have made 10, only 50 still to do! Oh well, better get on with it.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful birthday and a really nice time with your DH. Lovely flowers!!

  4. You received some lovely gifts for your birthday, very spoilt just as it should be. I'm so pleased to hear that your husband is regaining his strength, my dad is slowly building up the distance he's able to walk. Being 85 he's not very mobile at the best of times but he's doing really well.

  5. A lovely selection of gifts, the poppy scarf is very pretty and so poignant for a November birthday.

  6. Lovely gifts. So nice you were able to venture out together for a while - I think it will help a great deal with the recovery.



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