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Thursday, 29 November 2018

November round up

I'm happy with this total, buying the card last week  took it much higher than expected, but I don't like making flimsy cards. 
My stash spending this year is much higher than previous years, but on checking, most of the extra spend has been on yarn, which is a hobby I am doing more this year.
I purchased some trousers this month, I am fed up with wearing jeans everyday, whilst at home they are OK, but it's nice to dress smarter when out. I also got a nice pair for Christmas day, these purchases bring my total spend on clothes to £102.75, which should be the total for this year, as I have no plans or requirement to purchase anything else. Another month with any footwear purchased, I am on target to go the whole year without any new footwear.
My Christmas dec's total so far is £17.98, again I don't expect to purchase anything else, the 4 items I got were just too pretty for me to not get them.
 My book arrived, for the 1st time no cross stitch on the cover. 
8 books from my blog

Another month and I am pleased with my spending, I have no intention to save money, it's just interesting to know where mine is going. The shoe and clothes target, was necessary as I still have far to many of both, but at the same time, purchasing my new trousers this month, brought back the real enjoyment of adding something to my wardrobe, rather than just seeing something and wanting it. I will be setting myself low spends for both next year.
I do need a new winter warm coat, my long coat was purchased in 2010 and my red jacket is older than that, but I will only replace them if I can find good quality in the styles I like in January sales. 
I am really pleased with my 2017 book, I have read through it and as always I have found one tiny issue, just a silly thing I missed, it has happened in almost every one of my books.


  1. Well done on the clothing and no shoe spend!

  2. With the books, your blog has really become a diary.
    Great work!

  3. Well done on the budget and keeping up your no shoes policy. Shoes are my weakness.

  4. Your books look great, what a great way to remember and look back on your blogging years.

  5. Those books really do make a nice diary of your blog :)

    All the best Jan

  6. Agree about not using flimsy card-I like good quality card when I am crafting. I bought a pair of biker boots in Deichmann yesterday in preparation for the winter. I have been looking since last year so was really pleased!

  7. Great work on the budget! I have exactly one sweater so between that and Christmas and a car repair and the labor and delivery bill that came today... oh well, you can't take or with you right?
    I really need to look into a blog book, it would be wonderful to have.

  8. I've been looking for some nice trousers, but cant find any that I like :-( I did get a new longer length winter wool coat though, that came from Selfridges in the sale.



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