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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Sunny day outside

Amaryllis time again
 Unexpected flowers on this African violet,
lives on my kitchen window sill
 Still loads of colour in the garden 
 Greenhouse cacti and succulents 
 Carnivorous plants loving the sunshine
these work well in the greenhouse.
 Almost done with the leaves
These photo's were taken on Monday, before the rains came, I spent an hour outside enjoying the sunshine. I am pleased to see so much colour in the garden, my geraniums planted in the back bed has flowered for months, the bright pink is an extra bonus to see each day.  I have a few extra pots on the decking, filled with my birthday bulbs, once these  have flowered in the spring I will add them to my side garden, I would rather grow them this way than try and plant into hard ground in November.
An hour in the greenhouse, where it's really warm, I have not added any coverings to plants as I want them to have as much sunshine as possible, and this is the sunniest spot in my garden.
The bird feeders are now the busiest part of our garden, we both love to watch the different birds who visit to feed. We have managed to keep the huge wood pigeons away, they can clear a feeder very quickly, we do throw seed onto the garage roof for them. We regularly see two squirrels at their nut feeder, they too stay away from the bird feeders, so a happy balance. Hubby has put bait boxes back down in the back corner, not sure what is coming into our garden, but our cat Purdy is down that end watching all the time, a sure sign something is coming into our garden. 
Daughter did not have time to pop in for making Santa on Tuesday, so we have agreed to make them on Friday. Sign class was good, we are doing our own version of a Christmas nativity, it is helping us put together longer sentences, each one has a twist in which is funny, plus we are going to wear costumes and be videoed.


  1. The weather is still very mild really. Cool, windy, wet, but not frosty yet. My geraniums are still flowering too! I really thought they were finished for this year. John chopped down the butterfly bush so we haven't had any leaves in the garden, except a few that blow over from the neighbours. Best, Jane :) x

  2. Your sign class sounds a hoot! Lovely to still be seeing flowers at this time of year, it's been a very strange year weather and garden wise.

  3. It sounds like you have so much fun at your sign classes and you've met some great friends there. I have kept my amaryllis from last year but haven't repotted it yet, it's the first time I've kept one so it will be interesting to see if it grows again.

  4. I love seeing all your growing things even in the winter. I had a nice bowl of paper whites blooming. The smell gave me a nasty headache so out they went to the deck. Not sure how long they will last out there. It's getting pretty cold.

  5. My daughter would love your carnivorous plant collection! She tried to raise one, but it's a bog-type plant and we can get so incredibly dry during summer. So they never survived. Kudos for your success!!

  6. I keep mine in a metal tub on stones and always half full of water as suggested by Monty on Gardner's World.

  7. Your garden is still looking colourful, loved seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  8. Still lots to enjoy in your garden.

  9. Thanks for the tips from Monty! That would work. :)



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