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Friday, 16 November 2018


Using the leftover wool
 Random at it's best
Unimpressive knitting on my shawl
These last 4 rows have been unpicked 6 times along with my attempt on the lace section,  I have rewritten the pattern into a format I can understand, but somehow I have managed to complicate this beyond belief.  So far, the best I have gotten to is pattern row 7. Each time I drop a stitch or get myself so muddled. So it's packed away until I can think straight, because the pattern is right, it's just me.
 Again this morning more leaves, I picked up leaves 3 times yesterday, and there are still loads on the tree. I love this Magnolia tree and normally nothing is a chore.
I am tired, did not sleep too well last night, my ongoing issues with my left shoulder and side are full on, it's nerve damage, so very little can be done, and almost nothing I can take which does not turn me into a zombie. I have been living with it for 6 years, so I can on most days deal with it, but today is going to be a long day, plans are being shelved.
I have got to a point where everything is a chore, the tiredness has been creeping up on me, plus all the brain fodder with the last 4 weeks, I taking today as my selfish mini-meltdown time.
4 weeks ago hubby was being prepared for surgery, today he is up about and walking well, his huge wounds are healing, bruising have almost disappeared, how wonderful are our bodies, he still can't lift or pull, but he is doing loads for himself, and together we do the rest.
On the plus side my 1st wool order has arrived, so I will be doing more to my ripple blanket, I find the ripples relaxing and calming, which is just what I require today. 


  1. I had wool arrive yesterday It made me feel excited! I hope the pain soon drops to manageable levels. I have chronic pain too so I'm quite familiar with the good-days-and-bad-days routine. It's very tedious.

  2. Your ripple blanket it looking very random! My latest crochet blanket is now just under 3/4 done. I wake at night several times and it's hard to get back to sleep and often get up rather than just lie there. I'm sorry to hear your knitting is not going to plan. If you're making a simple bias knit scarf I have a knitting pattern section in my blog subjects and I made a 'bias knit scarf for John' last year and it's just 2 rows of pattern. Perhaps it might be easier than the one your attempting. Best, Jane x

  3. It sounds like you need a complete rest to recharge. Sometimes the stress of a moment hits you badly later on when you think things have calmed down - our bodies must wait for an appropriate time I think to react. Chronic pain can be so debilitating and as you say everything has become a chore at the moment.
    Have a cuppa, put your feet up and read or watch a good film - the chores will still be there tomorrow if you feel better. It is remarkable how quickly we heal from an acute illness or surgery - glad all going well with your hubby.
    PS - I too was out yesterday picking up leaves - our Cherry tree has at last shed the last!

  4. Thinking of you Marlene and sending support x

  5. It sounds as if things are getting you down a bit at the moment, Marlene. Try to go with the flow, these times are hard when you're in pain but the knock on effect of lack of sleep really does grind you down. On top of all this, the traumatic events of just a few weeks ago will still be affecting you. I know what it was like when we were called to the hospital on Christmas Eve 2016 when they didn't think my dad was going to survive surgery, it took me a long time to get over that. You've done the right thing putting the knitting away, that'll wait until you're in the right frame of mind for it. It's good that you're managing to get out and about a bit with hubby as I think the fresh air and change of scenery does you good. Hope you feel a bit better soon, sending you hugs x

  6. So good to hear that your husband is making a good recovery. Enjoy taking the day for yourself. You deserve it.

  7. I hope that you get through today with a bit of ease. Chronic pain just grinds you down, and i agree that most effective pain relief puts you into a zombie like state. I know that mine does.
    It is good that hubby is getting on so well,at least that is one less worry for you. Once you have hd a rest from the knitting it will probably all fall into place.

  8. Time to just rest, relax and go with whatever you have to do. You've had a very traumatic and worrying time, I'm not surprised your body is telling you to take time for you. Sending healing and peaceful thoughts. Take care both of you X

  9. It is no wonder you find yourself tired. It has been a tough few weeks. I have pain in my back all the time too. There was nerve damage three years ago when I smashed my L1 vertebrae. Like you, most days I just go on in spite of it but at other times things are a bit more difficult. I really try hard to not let it get me down.Give yourself a good break for a few days!

  10. Take care, MJ. I'd say the busyness of the former month, has finally caught up with you. It's good to rest when you feel tired.

    I've had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years, and don't believe the nonsense they spout about permanent nerve damage. Sure you get some, but you can reverse it by eating healthy fats (avocado, eggs and nuts - the later, sparingly) to help build cell tissue back and improve the flow of electrical impulses, in the nerves. By far, the best treatment is consistent movement. It improves blood circulation and builds muscles, to fortify your nerves.

    A recommendation you probably don't want to hear about, when you're on the verge of falling asleep, lol. So after you've had a good rest (could take a week or more) start thinking about how you can incorporate special exercises to strengthen that shoulder.

    I started incorporating fly pulls with weights, to help the pain I was feeling in my neck. I had no core or upper body strength, so my neck was taking the strain of everything that had to be done by lifting. I REALLY didn't want to do fly pulls. They weren't easy. After nearly two months, my neck is so much better! The full pulls still challenge me, but in a "good" way.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks for your comments, I have been doing most of your suggestions for years, you are right movement does help, as everything warms up the issues drop. The only thing I don't eat is nuts, I'm allergic to them. So most days I can live with discomfort as it's at a low level, but if I lift things the pain gets worse, and whilst hubby is recovering I do have to life things, where possible I split loads but Thursday I changed our bedding (normally hubbys job), which always cause me extra problems.



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