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Monday, 3 December 2018

Christmas has arrived

I am pagan, I love all the mixed berries, ivy and trees, plus loads of candles everywhere, most of the candles are fake, but these days they look so real.
I had to get all my Christmas boxes out myself this year, hubby still not allowed to lift, luckily when our bedroom was built in our attic/loft space they left storage room on the same level, so I only had to pull things through a small door rather than the normal hole in the ceiling. BUT still I have far too  much, I did pass loads to the charity shop a couple of years ago, again this year I have not put everything out. I have 4 sets of tree lights?? why, one set is new purchased last year in the sales, just in case my set refuse to light.
The bottom photo, is me using one of the huge lower branches from the tree, with loads of other silk branches, with lights, makes this corner brighter.
Normally this time of year I do my 12 days of Christmas, where I find 12 items to send to the charity shop, but this year I am changing and my 12 days of Christmas is going to be 12 acts of kindness, all done in December. I will keep a note and list them when all are done.
Will slept over on Saturday night, so the tree was up before he came, he was wide eyed and very excited, but has not touched anything, even our singing Santa on the motorbike, he does ask for him to sing, you can see him here.
Sunday morning we walked to our local community center for their Christmas fayre, where Will found 5 trees, we did not take him to see Santa, mummy and daddy get to do that the 1st time. We are having Will today so every thing is back to normal.
Has it stopped raining where you are, I can't remember the last time we had this much rain, which is very good for our water table, It's so mild as well, nights still feel too warm with our winter quilt on.


  1. It all looks lovely. We haven't trimmed up yet, I usually do it around the second week in December, just so long as it's done before Eleanor comes home from uni on the 15th. What a lovely idea doing twelve acts of kindness in December, I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Your decorations look lovely Marlene, everything feels so much more cosy don't you think when the decorations are up, especially with these damp dark days we are having, and no, the rain hasn't stopped here either, this morning was awful!!
    I like the idea of giving something for the 12 days of Christmas, I have sorted some decorations that I will no longer use and they are in a bag ready to be donated, so might just give that a go this year. Despite me going through our Christmas decorations last year I too still have loads :-)

  3. Yes, the rain has finally stopped here, for now. Cool and sunny today, but still plenty of heavy cloud. More rain? We've just had our Monday morning Lidl shop. John bought a bottle of their Ben Bracken whisky ( he likes the occasional whisky and lemonade ) No tree or decorations here, but yours look very pretty. Jane x

  4. Looks lovely, I also would describe myself as Pagan.

  5. You do look lovely and festive.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about your 12 acts of kindness for this year.
    No decorations up here as yet

  6. I think it all looks lovely :)

    All the best Jan



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