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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Another finish

One matching pair
 These feet are huge
 Everywhere neat
 I love the rib pattern, it holds the sock straight
I used this pattern after seeing it on Jo's blog, she had knitted her husband a pair, I did enjoy having the rib, it just adds a bit of interest over plain stocking stitch. I managed to knit them when hubby was resting, these are now tucked away with the few stocking fillers I have for hubby.
I am now finishing my pink socks which is nice because I can knit them whilst hubby is around, photos next time.
I am struggling to keep visitors away this week, two reasons, one hubby still gets very tired and secondly they may bring bugs with them, I had a couple neighbours visit on Thursday, but hubby had gone back to bed, so they had to endure just me. Next week we have already a couple of days booked, but we both feel we won’t be so tired.
Friday I spend a glorious hour in the garden, hubby watched from the house, just a tidy, feed the birds and clean the water feeders, it was bliss, not work at all, the sunshine made it really pleasant. Plus I finished all the hard work on my blog book 2017, I will read through a couple more times, I always miss something. I get the best discounts on Black Friday, so I will purchased my book on that day.
As always your comments are uplifting, and supportive, but I was saddened to read Sue from Herindoors,himoutdoors, has decided to stop blogging, due to negative comments on her blog, I really can’t understand why people have to inflict their views in such a way. I often read post on blogs which I don’t agree with, but I don’t comment because I believe we all are different and that’s what makes blogging interesting. Obviously if the authors comments are too much, I just stop following the blog. My point for this comment is simply Sue is having a bit of a hard time, and really needed the support, I know how great it is to get a cheery comment, when times are tough.


  1. Thanks for the hint about Black Friday discounts. I know you've told us before but which printing service do you use?

    1. I use a company called Blurb, there are many cheaper, but I love the quality and the speed of printing and delivery.

  2. I agree with you re Sue. She is having a bad time, and this is the time she needs support not negativity. Glad your husband is getting better.
    I invite people round for a cuppa whilst my husband us ill, make cake and we all have a natter, it works for us. We are doing that this afternoon.

    Julie xxxxx

  3. I know what you mean about bugs and keeping visitors at bay, specially children that are st school in contact with all and sundry. It's a hard line to draw. Love the socks very clever.

  4. Wow! Somehow I missed the post about your hubby having the heart attack. And I found out that when I leave comments on blogs, from my phone, they have not been going through! I don't get it. Anyway, I am so glad he is home and healing and resting. And you are doing the right thing by keeping people away. His immune system needs the rest. The socks are great. That's something I have never tackled. I was thinking your husband must not read your blog! Good thing! I don't know why people have to be so mean and leave such nasty comments. I bet they wouldn't do that face to face. People are so gutsy when it comes to texting or commenting on social media, but cowards in real life. If I were Sue, I'd keep on doing what I want in spite of them! I know someone on another blog did a post about the mean person and wrote their name in the blog post telling what they said! That's a good way to call them out on it! Well have a great day and take good care of that hubby. I have a ripple blanket I'm working on right now too. Great for snuggling!



  5. Socks are a fabulous colour and look forward to seeing the pink ones. I sent Sue an email but it bounced back as I wanted to tell her I was thinking about her. I think you are so wise to limit visitors-with the best of intentions they are still tiring and fewer visitors means fewer chances of infections being passed on. I am sewing today and as it’s wet and windy I am glad to be indoors.

  6. I'm playing catchup a bit, but I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's heart attack, what a shock for you both. I'm glad he's back with you at home now and able to rest and recover in his own space, I bet you are glad to have him back.
    Lovely work on those socks, they are great and so neat!!

  7. I think you are being very wise protecting your DH from whatever is going about! I totally agree with you. Blogs are no place to be mean and ugly to others. I have given up Facebook because people are so nasty. They would never say the things to your face that they feel are acceptable on the Facebook.

  8. DH is going to love his surprise socks and it will be a fun Christmas when he opens them and you can tell him they helped to ease your stress levels when he was away from you.
    love and blessings to you both x

  9. Those socks look great, what perfect colour.
    I think it's a good idea to limit visitors, it can be very tiring and it is important to get strength back.

    I hope the week goes well for you both.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan



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