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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

October round up

A really low spending month
 Card from Lidl, for use on Christmas cards
For measuring socks

It been a really low spend on my stash/gardening month, I was lucky daughter Su paid for two plants for my early birthday gift, but this time of year my spending is always lower.
I popped out shopping for an hour today, and picked up the book of coloured card and the glitter card, both perfect for card making, it's included in the monthly total above.
The sock measure I purchased with some early birthday money, I am finding it great for hubby's socks, ensuring both are the same size. I am almost finished, which is very pleasing.
Hubby is doing well, resting and eating small meals, not trying to do any banned activities, we are enjoying time together, plus are cats are much happier. Daughter popped in with Will for a short visit today, which cheered both of us up, our little man just knew his Grancha was not well and was so gentle.
Daughter also brought a portion of chilli for hubby, it's something I do not eat and find it very hard to cook.
I am not looking at saving any money in the coming weeks, heating is on all day to keep the house warm, I will purchase anything hubby fancies to eat, he is eating so little.
I have to admit I am not missing the drives to Southampton each day. Even with the parking discounts, I spent over £200 on fuel and parking, we are lucky we have the spare cash, it must be horrible for anyone on low income.
But I am enjoying restful days at home, even though I am doing everything in the house, I am feeling much calmer, and enjoying reading time.


  1. I think of you and hubby every day, Marlene. I hope you keep enjoying your restful days and hubby keeps improving.

  2. Thank you Sue, I know from reading your blog you understand everything, I am trying to ensure I have some me time, but I do need to support hubby as much as I can, his health will improve, but it's hard for both of us to process the last 14 days.

  3. I used to wonder the same thing about all the diesel and parking charges for hospital. But I suppose a lot of people can get hospital transport with volunteer drivers, although that involves lots of waiting. We used to see really poorly people in the outpatients cancer unit sitting in wheelchairs for hours waiting for someone to collect them. They would be on their own with no one to look after them - get them a cuppa etc. Horrible for them

  4. So pleased things are getting better for you both. A lottle of ehat you fancy foes you good.
    I often wonder if the charges deter people from visiting too. My brother in law lives in Wales and hospital car parks are free.

  5. It's such a worrying time when a loved one is in hospital, it must be terrible for those relatives unable to afford the travel costs on top of it all, it's amazing how it all adds up. I'm glad he's recovering well but it does take time and then there's the shock of it all happening so unexpectedly on top of that, it's a traumatic event which will take some getting over.

  6. Healing blessings for hubby and a {{comforting hug}} for you too.
    I like the sock measurer, not seen one of them like that...do I need one, do I WANT one?? LOL
    Take care xx

    1. It was never about need, I saw them, thought, oh that's pretty.

  7. I’ve just read back over your last posts, what an awful time you’ve had, how shocking and frightening for you. As horrible as it has been for your husband, my mum used to say when visiting my dad in hospital that it was leaving alone and going back to an empty house that was so awful and then ringing in the morning for an update.
    The car parking fees and petrol sound rather horrendous too. I hope things are settling down and some normality is returning for you both xx

  8. Continued good thoughts for your both …

    All the best Jan



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