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Monday, 15 May 2017

Wet outside

Bird box before the varnish
 Simple decoration, using acrylic base coat and sharpies for the flower decoration. 
Once it is varnished, it will go in the garden.
I hope we can get birds to use it, if not it will look pretty.
I have had one pomegranate pip grow, just small beginnings
This is on my office desk, with a radiator below and loads of sunshine 
I will pop this into a larger pot this week.
 In the same box, kiwi's I have never got these seeds beyond this stage.
I will leave these in this tub with the clear plastic lid,
and hope they get to a size I can pot on.
I cut a thin slice of Kiwi and lay it on farmyard compost,
it went mouldy and then these tiny seedlings grew.
 I repotted my African Violet, and left in on the kitchen window sill, 
the leaves have burnt, but the plant is healthy. 
My cutting for my Coleus, each spring I start more plants from the mother plant I keep inside over the winter, so for the 3rd year, free plants. 
For the 4th day we have rain, today is over caste and we keep having light showers, every where is wet, much needed rain, so whilst we are inside we are pleased. This is perfect weather after all the work and planting I did in the garden on Saturday.
I am home today on sick leave, I have picked up a bug, and it's best to stay away from the office rather than spread it around, my boss is very understanding.
I have plans to do some sewing, I still have curtains to make for the van, our local shop was out of stock of 1" curtain tape, and I am happy to wait for them to restock. I do like to try and use local shops where possible. Later this week I am back on sewing instruction, helping Marie make cushions for her van.
We have also booked our 1st night away in the van on Bank holiday weekend, just a tester to ensure everything is working as we want.


  1. I am sure the birds will use the box. Free plants how lovely, I really need to do this with mine.

  2. Your little plants are looking great. Love the bird boxes.

    Hope you feel better soon

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Hi Marlene. Is the roof on your bird box made of metal? I mention it because there are cases where baby birds have died inside boxes with metal rooves because they overheat. Also worth checking that the paint used is Non toxic just to be on the safe side. Love all your experimental seedlings. I've got some elm in pots but not sure whether they'll do anything. CT.

  4. Your bird box is so pretty, I hope you get some little birdies moving in very soon. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I hope that you soon feel better. All your projects look and sound lovely. Jx

  6. Pretty bird box.
    Get well wishes, hope you are soon feeling much better.

  7. What a pretty little bird house. It will add to the garden with or without birds! I hope you feel much better soon.

  8. I saw a video on Facebook on how to plant the seeds from various fruit n veg and I thought of you as I watched it! X

  9. The bird is is so pretty, like a five star hotel for the lucky bird that nabs it xxxx

  10. Before I even read your post . . . LOVE the new Banner at the top. The girls are so pretty.



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