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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Sunday morning

My 1st pot of cut flowers
 Everything in my cut flower bed has been grown from seeds
most of them purchased last year at half price. 
 The strawberries in the pots are doing well, the fruits are hanging down and not touching the ground, so it has worked well, and the amount of berries there show they love the soil mixture. 
My blackberries have loads of flowers forming, so finally fruit this year.
My gooseberries have loads of green leaves, so I hope I have stopped the saw flies, can I ask, when does the flowers form, I can't remember if they fruit early or late. 
 The twisted willow is looking good in it's new home
loads of new growth.
 This is the same author as Apple Tree Yard
This book was OK, but I won't read any more by her. 
 I have had the foam heart for ages
I'm not so sure what I will do with it. 
My brother is visiting this bank holiday weekend, so we are away in the camper van next weekend, the change in the weather made us feel we had done the right thing. After the huge thunder storm early Saturday morning, we sat at 4.30am watching the skies, the rain was brilliant, very heavy and just what our ground needs.
Friday night we went for a meal with Su, David and Will, who was wide eyed the whole time, he did fall asleep after a while, which was good because we were in the family section and it was noisey.
Yesterday was dull, so hubby and I managed a couple of walks, and spent most of the day reading. We did pop to the huge Asda, we were looking for a microwave for the van, got one for £40, we also came home with loads of money off items. I also got their Shades toilet rolls, I think they are the best quality at a good price, plus they were on special as well. So we came home with teabags, fresh ground coffee both in our preferred brand.
Today we have no plans, family time with Martin. I think tomorrow hubby wants to look for plants for his front garden, later we will search the internet for ideas for him, he does not know much about plants so I would like him to research before he purchases anything.


  1. It sounds like you're having a nice relaxed weekend. The Nigella looks lovely as a cut flower.

  2. Your cut flower bed is blooming well, your jug does look pretty.
    Enjoy your family time with your brother.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend. I should think your gooseberries will bloom by June.

  4. The cut flowers look lovely.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your first cut flowers are lovely. Enjoy the long week-end!

  6. Look at those strawberry plants! I have four little strawberry plants in a pot on my back verandah, I've never had much success with them in the ground here. Your little jug of flowers is so lovely, isn't it wonderful when you can bring little bunches of your own flowers inside! Meg:)



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