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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sunny time in the garden.

After more rain in the early morning, the sun came out
 So many lovely views in our garden
 Planted the marigolds around the lilies
All planted and netted to keep the cats away
 Pot's along the side of the house done
 Raised garden in greenhouse, all settled in and growing.
 Veg in the greenhouse, loads of promise.
It has been a warm sunny afternoon here in Hampshire, so both hubby and I worked in the garden, me in the back, hubby digging out the front corner plot. I have sorted most of my pots, loads of bedding plants to bring in the colour. I have also dug out the small back plot, and replanted, adding loads of topsoil, to help break the clay down. Everything was given a really good watering, so it's just a case of watching things grow.
In the greenhouse our early potatoes are almost ready for harvest, the cucumbers are both growing, and I have flowers on one tomato plant.
All the fruit bushes are heavy with swelling berries, I sprayed the gooseberries bushes again, they are both still full of leaf. Even my blackberry bush has loads of new growth, it has taken 3 years to get the plant growing.
Hubby has cleared the raised front bed, it's his spot to do what he wants, before he plants, he will dig it over again to ensure all the plants are gone.
We even had time to sit in the garden, enjoying all the work and watching the birds feed, a perfect day.
Did you notice I have a few new metal birds, I used some of the money gifted to me to add to my collection.
I have also redone my blog header, the subjects reflect all my interests.


  1. Your garden id looking good

    Julie xxxx

  2. It all looks lovely. Glad you took time to sit back and enjoy all your hard work.

  3. Your new blog header looks great Marlene. Well done.

  4. It looks so lovely. It's fascinating to watch everything take shape at this time of year especially given the recent beautiful weather. It's raining here today so our gardens are getting a good and much needed watering.
    I'm glad you also had time to sit and enjoy the results of your hard work. X

  5. Lovley new header, everything growing so well for you.

  6. The pots are lovely. Please could you send some sunshine to Essex or failing that hang onto it until next week when we are heading your way for a week's camping! Xxxx



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