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Friday, 5 May 2017

Less and less

Will in his Bumbo seat
after his last photo where he looked startled, 
I thought you were due a cute one.
I finished this book in record time,
could not put it down, great story, can't say any more it would give it away.
I will look for another of her books. 
I have not done much since my last post, the garden is looking good, which is pleasing as we are away tomorrow for 6 days, and it will have to look after it's self. The capillary mat in the green house works well, the plants stay moist, and the pot of water last 5 days,  which is enough for whilst I am away. 
I have been walking much more, I am now averaging 10,000+ steps per day, and with my sensible eating, I have lost a few pounds, I still have loads to go, but everything is looking good. 
Each work day I get to the office an hour early, this helps me avoid the worst of the motorway traffic, it's only 13 miles, but the M27 is very congested. I go each morning for a 20 minute walk around the business estate before going inside, a friend has started walking with me, at lunch time we walk again, this time through to the housing estate. After work hubby and I walk around our local park, or Portchester Castle
At weekends, it's walking in the park again, or the castle, along the coastal path, we are not very far from the water front. 
It's a simple change but the benefits are showing, and I am feeling much better.
We do not eat process foods, I avoid foods with flour in, so cakes, biscuits and bread are an occasional treat, I don't drink fizzy drinks or eat crisp at all, and I'm not interested in sweets. 
Wine and chocolate are my vices, but I do limit how often we have them. We do go to a local Bistro for a nice lunch a couple Saturdays in the month, I love their Paninis with a black coffee.
So I find it difficult to diet, I don't eat the normal things you would give up.
I am finding as I get older, the weight finds me and sticks, it's only a couple of pounds each winter, and if I work hard I can remove them by summer, but this year I would like to lose a bit more, some of my clothes are a bit tight, and as I love my clothes and would not want to change them, I need a remedy. 
So watch this space to see less of me.


  1. He is a very cute little guy. I know all about the diet situation. I have been on Weight Watchers since Jan. 20 pounds have gone but not at all easily!!

  2. I think it definitely gets harder to lose weight as you get older, I've certainly found that. I think the key is to take exercise though so all the walking you do should definitely help. Enjoy your time away.

  3. Have a lovely time away. since having my steroids I seem to be ballooning...time to get a bit more exercise here.

  4. I can empathise with the weight, I have just joined Slimming World with the hope of shifting some xxx



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