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Monday, 1 May 2017

Dull out, bored in

I have wanted a rain chain for ages
 I also wanted water for the smaller birds
 This does everything and it looks good
I still have the bird bath on top of the Chimera  
This single Iris is looking good in the garden
the birds must of gifted it to me, as I have not planted it.
Our friends came over for morning coffee
and brought their 4 year old grandson, so I baked cakes, which we all enjoyed.
It's very dull here on Bank Holiday Monday, we have had a bit of rain, but we need much more for the gardens. Luckily I don't have much to do in the garden, everywhere is waiting for warmer sunny days to arrive and plants can get growing.
Hubby is replacing some wires in our van, ready for our 1st trip later this month.
I do have some sewing to do, but I'm not in the mood to get my sewing machine out, it's a stay a home day for us. Later I plan to read, but for now I can lose myself in the wonderful world of the internet.


  1. Like the idea of the rain chain, we have purple iris just about to burst open.
    Your cakes look nice, I love butterfly cakes.

  2. I've never seen a rain chain before. How lovely to be gifted an iris, it's amazing how seeds are scattered by the birds and what ends up growing from them. It started off a little cloudy here today but it's got out nice in the end.

  3. A lovely rain chain, that's a new one to me too.
    We've had some nice sunshine, but the dark clouds are looming as I sit here in the conservatory watching DH potter about in the garden.

  4. Hi Marlene...I love the rain chain, I've never seen one before. We have had some sunshine today but the clouds have started to role in now. Debbie x

  5. I've never seen a rain chain before but I want one too now! My iris are barely budding yet. I moved them all last year and am wondering if it was a shock to their system?!!!

  6. Love the rain chain

    Julie xxxxxx

  7. The rain chain will add a lot to the garden. Those cakes look very tasty!

  8. I had a rain chain in New York on one of the front roof drains. Never thought about putting one on a plant hanger. Thanks for the GREAT idea.



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