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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

May Spending

Low spend month
 These pale grey fabrics will become Will's cot quilt
nice quality cotton, perfect for quilting. 
Savings to come from the greenhouse 
 My few crops are coming along well
we have already had potatoes and lettuce
Lovely books, finished another Sue Grafton book
Just starting Jojo Moyes
I got just a few plants for the garden in May, the cost of the womery has not been added, I used the last of money I was given, so I decided it would not be added to my list.
The fabric spend was for Will's quilt, I will work with my daughter and let her choose what fabrics she likes, I have also been asked to make a reading wigwam for the nursery, having seen photo's should be an easy task, I have plenty of time as it won't be used until next year.
My sewing lessons are going slowly, my friend needs loads of help, I have a feeling I will be doing most of the sewing for the three cushions, I can see the look in her eyes and it's pure fear.
I think I divided you all with my last post, our lawn is brilliant, it does crunch as you walk on it, but that will settle, it does have the feel of grass, and close up it is very realist. Hubby has a huge smile on his face. I have the 3 pots by my back door to plant, which I will do tomorrow, the plants have been outside for a while. I do not have any space in the back garden, it's pleasing to be complete, it's never finished, never will be.


  1. I like the fabrics you've chosen for Will's quilt, all nice neutral colours so it will go with anything. I've read The One Plus One, I didn't like it as much as Me Before You but it was still enjoyable.

  2. I have that Jojo Moyes book on my shelf waiting to be read. I'll be interested to hear your opinion of it.

  3. I love the grey fabrics, I'm currently crocheting a grey blanket for forthcoming grandson, I love grey xx

  4. I love the fabrics you have chosen for the quilt, grey does seem to be the 'in' colour at the moment, it goes with everything.
    I love how you keep track of your spending on a spreadsheet,, great idea of how to see where your spending is going.

    I've read the Jo Jo Moyes book but not the other one.

  5. Lovely choice of fabrics for Will's quilt.
    I've read the Jojo Moyes - enjoyed it.



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