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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Dish it up

I redid this pot last month
 This is one from last year
 Made two years ago 
 I love this simple pot
 Done last month 
I have had this pot since the 70's, it's called onion ware
Not alot doing here, enjoyed our first BBQ of the summer tonight, we have just come inside, it's been a lovely sunny hot day. The garden is looking good, my fruit bushes are full of swelling fruit, the gooseberry bushes are still green, I do hope I have killed off the saw flies.
We have loads of tomatoes on our two plants, and the cucumbers are growing tall. I cut lettuce with our tea, and hope to dig up the early potatoes on Saturday.
We have a big project happen in the garden, which starts on Tuesday, it's hubbies project, more on it next week.
My inside seed and seedlings are all doing well, I have been promised a walnut tree sapling, which is exciting.
Work is very slow, just not enough to go around, but two people have given in their notice, so the work load will improve, I hate being idle.
I have been following Chelsea Flower Show, I do enjoy watching Monty and Joe Swift on BBC2 each evening.   But I am reading so much, I have sewing to do this weekend, a project for a friend.


  1. Lovely pots Marlene, they show how artistic you are.

  2. I love all your succulent gardens, it has been a wonderful day xx

  3. Your pots are planted up beautifully. It's definitely the weather for getting out in the garden, I hope it holds for the bank holiday.



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