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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Just a few things

I have been reusing some of the nicer jars we have, 
bringing some of my lovely beads and buttons on show.
The shelf is cut from a leftover piece from hubbies side of the office.
I have a second spare shelf if I want to add it later. 
I watched this series on TV and it was wonderful
I don't normally read a book after watching it on screen, BUT this book is brilliant, I knew what was coming but the book is written so well, and still it offered a twist and turn. 
 Pomegranate potted into a bigger clay pot
I am on a mission to get as many 2nd hand clay pots as I can
Plastic pots are on their way out of my garden. 
I have just ordered the wormery below, in green
It's back in stock in June, can't wait for it to come.

I don't like to touch worms, they are slimy, but I do know their worth. This model allows the worms to munch their way upwards, so when the top tray is full, the bottom layer can be removed, compost used in garden and then the empty tray is added to the top. So no worms will be touched at any point. It's a good size for us, and would ensure our waste from the kitchen is used in a positive way. Plus the tap at the bottom will drain and we will have liquid fertilizer. I will use the last of money gifted to me to purchase this.
I know I am a big girls blouse in the garden, I do not like to touch worms or slugs, worms are carefully tucked under the soil and slugs are removed on my trowel. My mum used to laugh at me, but it's just the way I am. 
We are still looking at waste, we throw away so little these days, as I have said before, if we don't purchase it, we don't have to get rid of it in the future.
Our food waste is almost zero, which is very pleasing.
We do not have plans to  renew anything, if it breaks, we will try and get it fixed, only replace where we have to. We pass on things we don't need, and happily take passed on items where we can use them. The only new things we regularly get are clothes and shoes, but we don't spend too often, I'm not ready to wear clothes that have been passed on.
A couple of points from my last post regarding the bird house, both really good points to point out, the paint used is nontoxic, and regarding the metal roof overheating the box, we already decided to place it in a shady spot, where the sun won't reach it after late morning.


  1. I watched Apple Tree Yard when it was on TV but I wasn't very impressed with it, perhaps it's because I didn't particularly like any of the characters. I'm just the same with critters in the garden, I won't touch worms or slugs either.

  2. There are some very pretty jars about now, Home Bargains sell them very cheaply. I really enjoyed Apple Tree Yard on the tv not read the book thoughm.
    The wormery sounds like a great idea, I don't really know that much about them, I will do a bit of research.

  3. I have jars of buttons, beads and ribbons along the tops pf my bookshelves. It not only looks pretty but I can see at a glance what I want. If the government would only adopt the use it up and mend what's broken this country would be in a better state.

  4. I read Apple Tree Yard when it came out, around 2014 i think, I really enjoyed it, the tv adaptation wasn't too bad either, although i do prefer the book. Funnily enough it is our reading group choice for this month too! So I may read it again :-)
    I don't really mind worms, my grandson rescues them from the birds when he 'helps' in the garden lol

  5. Great wormery, lots of lovely compost to look forward to that will enrich your growing veggies/plants.

  6. I was looking for a book for my upcoming holiday. Thank you for the recommendation, I didn't see the tv series so the twist and turns will be new for me. Heading to Amazon now xxxx

  7. Our soil is very compact and clay. But, when I was weeding last week I noticed a LOT of worms and insects in the soil. That made me excited for our beds. Maybe just the top is hard but I think it is hard because the previous owner didn't garden so the soil never got turned.

    Your bird house is adorable.



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