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Sunday, 4 June 2017

First trip

 New Forest is perfect this time of year
 We joined the Caravan and Camping club
 Choose a site not to far from home
 The forest is a beautiful place
 Campsite play ground
 All very English
We took the camper van away for two nights, Friday/Saturday, the camp site was about 50 miles away, it was all about testing the van, rather than visiting new places.
It was comfortable to sleep in, the bed is a bit short for 6'2" hubby, but he can solve that problem with ease, we did not over heat overnight, the windows are placed to ensure air circulates in the back of the van. It did help we were on a great site, very tidy with bays for camper vans, so we did not have to park on the grass. We were on a small slope, but we reversed in so our heads were higher than our feet at night. The last time we went to a camp site was when our girls were young, we had a trailer tent at the time.
Most everything worked in the van, the fridge was brilliant and the small ice box kept the coolbox blocks frozen. We had one problem, our pump for the running water would not work, the van has a kitchen and bathroom sink, hubby will check it all out before our next trip. The van does have a shower, but we won't use it, the room has better use as a toilet, so we would want to be able to wash our hands.
We took meals with us, hubby made a risotto and we purchased a couple of curries from our local Co-op, 2 for £6.00. The microwave worked perfectly, we did not use the gas rings. Friday night we enjoyed a nice bottle of red to celebrate out new lifestyle, in anticipation  of future trips. So it's a thumbs up from both of us, if we work things right and take most of our food with us we can have loads inexpensive weekends away.
We have a list of things for me to make, or to purchase to finish off the van, it seams we do need a bread knife, can't think why we did not get one before.
As for London, again, my heart goes out to all city dwellers, our friends are all OK, 
what must go through the minds of people who can plan to harm another person, 
they are so very different to the rest of us. 


  1. Glad the try out went well, there'll be no stopping you now, zipping around all over the place as the mood takes you. Very sad news about London today.

  2. It will b e fun following your adventures.

  3. I'll look forward to seeing the places your camper decides to take you to.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited for you! We do our first camper "test run" this week. We have some of the same motivations for inexpensive adventures but it is suprising how many things you "need" to be outfitted in comfort. Most of our things I've found second hand or at discount stores.
    So sorry to hear about London. It's a crazy world when I am sure most of us just want the same things, freedom from fear and safety for our families.



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