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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Home knitted socks.

I have been asked is knitting socks difficult, I think no, if you can knit, decrease and pick up stitches, follow a pattern, then they are simple. A sock is a long tube, sealed at one end with a heal added in the middle, I use a simple pattern. 
The first sock I knitted was poor and I have never knitted the 2nd sock to match, it was my practice run.  My 1st finished pair was much better as seen here, since then I have made loads of pairs all in 4ply, using double pointed needles, which before knitting socks I did not like using. 
The pattern was from Winwickmum's blog, she is the queen of sock makers, and have a few books which can be purchased, but I started with and keep using her basic pattern here
The only advice I would give you is follow the pattern, the heal part can seam a bit strange, but it does work out, just keep with it, now I don't need the pattern, I just knit. Using such a simple design, gives me scope to use any yarn I love, I let the yarn do the work, but beware, once you start knitting socks you do get carried away. plus I get loads of request to make more. 
The best bit is you can make perfectly fitting socks each time, perfect for winter months, and have fun with colours, again this year I have a list of request for them as Christmas gifts, perfect when you can't think of what to get the male relative.
Christmas socks
Men's socks
My socks
I have not done any more to my socks, I have been crocheting my lap blanket, I have decided to purchase another ball of every colour and make the blanket longer, I will post photo's soon, but you only want to see things when there has been more work on it. I'm not expecting the new yarn to arrive too soon, but I can wait, I have other things I can do. 

My sewing machine is out, daughter has asked for face mask, for her and her hubby and Will, I've got some great fabric for Will's, I will make myself a few, my hubby has already got some he uses in his garage when sanding. 

I drove to our local wreck on Saturday, our favorite cafe, is now selling flour, butter and eggs, plus their home baked pastries and selling coffee, you can't go inside, you phone the day before with your order, pay on line and then drive and collect, you can't buy just a coffee, this is a grocery shop, but if you want a cup of coffee. I managed to get 2 bags of SR flour for baking, none of it over priced, just helping with supplies they can source, daughter was well pleased with her bag. 

Blogger has changed again!! as normal I don't like it, they did not even give me a choice, I logged on and my post list was updated, doing this post has been a challenge, I can't see any benefits, other than keeping up-to-date. Oh well we will have to get used to it.


  1. You should have a go at using different patterns now that you're more confident with your socks, there's so many different ways of doing cuffs, heels and toes so I now use a mish mash of different patterns to get the exact sock I like and which fits me best of all, and it's always fun to try new things too. I can't find flour here anywhere, most of the cafes are closed, even the refil shop where you take your own containers is closed, I thought they'd do a roaring trade at the moment. I hadn't heard about any changes to Blogger and I haven't noticed any changes yet.

  2. Thanks Jo for answering my questions. I think I'll send for some needles and 4ply wool. I'll take a look at the pattern too. Yes blogger has changed again, changes aren't always for the better!!

  3. Very nice post. Your blog is great! Blogger doing some changes alright! Lol.

  4. I have made two needle socks, but not what I call the fancy socks that you do. Perhaps I need to give them a try and pray that the double pointed needles don't fall out.

    God bless.

  5. I've knit two pairs of socks and have sock yarn for many more! Maybe one day I'll start on the third!

  6. A great post for new sock knitters, they are so addictive and fun to knit. I love the excitement of a new yarn and wondering how it will knit up in the round.
    I've not noticed any blogger changes (as yet)

  7. I think your socks look great …

    Some other bloggers have also mentioned changes - haven't noticed any changes yet! Watch this space!

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  8. Your socks look great, well done :-) I've yet to become addicted to sock knitting, I have two pairs that don't require much work to get them finished but I find them quite boring to knit on, but I do want hand knitted socks, so I suppose I will have to finish them :-)
    I've only gone on blogger tonight and can't say i noticed anything different, yet!
    Mark managed to get me some flour from of the small local shops, I haven't been to a supermarket for a couple of weeks but the last time i looked they still didn't have any on the shelves.

  9. honestly the only reason I haven't attacked socks is finding the yarn and actually doing it. I just haven't wandered down that rabbit hole yet... I will get there but probably not quickly.



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