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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Getting on with things.

This is my coffee plant, I purchased it February 2019 as a small plant in a coffee cup, and it grew, in March that year I popped it into this much bigger pot, it lives in our sitting room, which is in shade most of the day. I think I over watered it through the winter months and the tips of the leaves went brown, but the new growth is perfect. I have no idea where I will get with this plant, but it's fun growing it. 
I have loads of house plants, these below are just a few all looking good, the photo with 2 plants in are my pineapple and amaryllis, both are doing well. These string of pearls are their true green colour, these stay out of direct sunlight, I love the white flower on the African Violet, it sits on the kitchen window sill, and flowers every year, sometimes twice.  
I finished this 3rd book, I was disappointed with the end, but that's fiction for you. I will probably read more of her books, but with a different main character, they were an easy read and not too much gore. Book 34 of this year. 
I purchased this book from the net, I do love anything written by Sharon Bolton. I have enjoyed holding this book whilst reading, you can't beat holding a book and turning pages. It's another book I could not put down, brilliant plot and story line, book 35 this year.
I am slowly getting on with these socks, I am at the heal, and through the amount of work in the garden and the heat, I am just to tired to work on the heal, it's the only part of the sock, you need to think about. I will get it done soon, I want to knit a second pair with the same design but bigger. 
I have been doing more to this blanket, just a few squares most nights, it's so soft and comfortable, we keep the patio doors open until bedtime, so as it cools down it's perfect to spread this on my lap and add to it. The width is 20 squares, I aim to do 4 more full rows after this row, and then I will decrease each row by 1 square allowing the bottom to match the top. As yet I have not sewn all the ends in, naughty, but I will find the mindset to do it soon. 
I do believe I can now say I have mastered Tunisian Crochet, I am now thinking about my next new design to try, but I promise no more blankets, a gal can only have so many. 
On 1st May I did a post about my list making, showing things crossed on the original list and published the list below, as my next prompt. So how have I got on, well frankly poorly, I have not touched anything, I'm not bothered, the weather is perfect for being outside, and the list will wait for me. 
It was my turn to bake this week, and hubby asked for fruit scones, I made just 4 big ones, which we enjoyed with clotted cream and jam, and to start a conversation, I always add the jam 1st! I also made a quiche for my lunches, just a small one with half ingredients, it will last me 3 days. We are both enjoying salad most days, we are eating our main meal at mid-day and a snack at 6pm, which is working better for us. 

We are walking in the evenings, it's a bit cooler and we head for the water front, where we can find any breeze, it's a big area and never too crowded, we are walking much further, find new places to have picnics when we can get together with family.

We have planned to drive to daughters house on Monday, we will stay in the garden, watch Will and George play, we are hoping Will can understand the distance rules, I can't wait to see them all again. 

Our friend and neighbour went into hospital this week, he has underlying health issues and is really unwell , they ran loads of test and sent him home, they would not keep him in, the whole family have been shielding for 11 weeks, he had a covid 19 test, which thankfully was negative, he is now isolating just in case he picked up the virus, we are all hoping he's OK. 



  1. Fingers crossed for your neighbour. I've a hankering for a scone now and I did chuckle knowing what you are like, wondered for a mili second - did she actually plant a coffee bean?

  2. LOL I always put the jam on first and then the cream :)

  3. Lots of things to keep you busy. Love a scone buy don't make them very often, yes the jam has to go one first for me too :-)
    Have a lovely visit with Will on Monday, If he is anything like Bonnie he will know more than most adults I've met when shopping about distancing.

  4. Yes, jam first and then the cream …

    All the best Jan

  5. I’ve never heard of Tunisian crochet, but your blanket is looking stunning! There’s a real thing in the south west about doing scones the Cornish or Devonshire way. Being Devonshire, I always do cream first, but I think you have to do what you like best :)
    I hope your neighbour feels better soon x



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