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Friday, 22 May 2020

Getting there

My hanging pot with string of pearls from the greenhouse is inside, I don't want to risk damaging this lovely plant, I will hang it back in the greenhouse, once I have completed all my work. I am hoping some of the green returns to this plant, the sunlight does fade it. 
My poor bonsai acer is still not showing signs of growth, a bloody squirrel dug it out of the pot, last week I changed the compost in hope I can get it to grow, the wood is not dry, so I think it's still alive. 
I spent a wonderful hour going back in time, I often get my blog book out to check a date on something, if it's gardening related it's quicker than trying to look back on my blog. Once I have my answer, as always I get sidelined by all the wonderful photo's full of memories. On average these books cost £60 each, but I love every one of them. 
This is a comment from my last post, which is my online diary, not an english project, Unknown, I can't spell for toffee's, spell check catches most of my mistakes, I am British and will try harder. 

Most of this week has been outside working in my now very hot greenhouse, plenty of drinks, mainly water, hubby helped me on Wednesday, we managed to dig out all the soil and remove the raised bed frame, most of the decking planks used were still good, so they have been cleaned and stored. 
I emptied all the contents, and cleaned inside, I also cleaned my tables and shelves. The vine weed roots were everywhere, we pulled all we can, the back corner of the greenhouse is on earth, so it was coming in there. If it comes back again we will use a good weed killer, hubby used it outside the greenhouse in that corner and the weeds are dying back, the cats and our visiting hedgehog can't get to the area, so it's used carefully. 
I am now waiting for an order from Ikea, for shelving and a folding chair, we do have folding chairs, but I wanted one I can leave down this end, once I have these in place I will have plenty of room to show all my nasties, leaving my potting table empty and clean. I also moved a few things from my shed to the greenhouse, so I now have more space in there, I can't wait until it's been completed, everything is due next week. Plus on Tuesday a licensed guy will come and clear the rubbish, our tip has cars waiting for 3 hours or more, and we still have to pay to dump soil and garden waste.
I have planted my 3 pots by the side of the house, should have loads of colour there, my eucalyptus in the 2 pots by the front door are looking good, I pinched out the top as I want low bushes. I have sorted my long pots, infront of the raspberries, I had the plants, and finally I will plant our side bed, it should all be finished by the weekend.
I am watering most days, my blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrant bushes are full of fruits, we could do with rain, but it's the same most years, we are in a dry area of UK. It's dull this morning and the air feels damp, but not expecting any amounts of rain. unless we get a thunderstorm, there is no rain fore caste for weeks.
We have no plans for the weekend, our Asda order will arrive on Saturday, we have BBQ food coming, so we plan to be outside as much as we can. A few days resting will be good for both of us, I have promised to keep busy so I don't get anymore ideas, which result in loads of hard work. We are both enjoying this wonderful hot weather, lucky to have our garden. 


  1. We haven't seen any rain for weeks now, though there's some in the forecast for this weekend so we shall have to see. I'm so pleased that the weather has been good while we've been in lockdown, I can't imagine what it would have been like if we'd been confined to four walls. As you say, we're so lucky to have a garden and I do feel for those who don't at the moment, especially those with children, they'll be glad they're able to get out a bit more now.

  2. Don't think I've ever seen a string of pearls plant, very intriguing. I've planted an orange pip, having got the idea from you - I hope it grows. I'm going to try lime and lemons too. How rude of that commenter, they're always Unknown or Anonymous aren't they.

  3. Although to many squirrels look so sweet, and perhaps they are, they do have an annoying habit of digging plants up!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  4. I always love hearing what you are doing in the garden. Those blog books sound interesting. Enjoy your day :)

  5. You’ve been busy! I think we are all wishing for a bit of rain ( preferably overnight! )

  6. I think squirrels are lovely to watch, so agile but buggars in s garden, when they're not digging up your plants they're burying the peanuts they get from bird feeders..our dog is trained to chase any we see in the garden. She's never caught any but its great fun when the blooming squirrel sits up high on the fence watching her down below.

  7. Squirrels can be such a pest, hope the acer bonsai recovers.
    I think we've lost our hibiscus, far too wet, then hot, and a frost. We've left it in the hope that its just going to be late shooting.



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