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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

My tidy space

It's taken many days, my greenhouse is now set out how I wanted it, these shelves have loads of cuttings, seeds and plants growing here on the top 2 shelves. The lower shelf is now storage. 
My cucumber plants are growing fast, I can almost watch them grow, this space is perfect for them to spread out. The table in the back corner my sister gifted me, it has 2 stools, one is being used else where, so the empty space has all my seed trays on.
In the middle back is my potting table, it's perfect here, plenty of space, and my tray is now empty, before it has always been full of plants, below is all my clay pots, everything to hand.
In this corner I have an Aeonium plant on the 2nd stool and a nastie pot in front, this is a good way to fill this small corner. 
I ordered 3 of these shelving units from Ikea, all galvanized and perfect for use in the greenhouse. I have popped a water membrane on the top level, this is to stop the glare from the sun. At under £10 each, not too expensive, I have room to add to my collection of nasties.   
We booked a man to collect all our garden waste, bags of soil, some of the frame from the raised bed, it's nice to see this area clear, but already I have a bag of spent compost from my 2 long pots, they have been reworked. My 2 tomato plants will now live here, they always do well, the sun bounces off the glass and helps ripen the fruits. The gooseberry bush has gone, I have put the 2nd tomato plant in the huge pot. 
I have also worked in my shed, loads of things have gone into the greenhouse, and all my ornaments are in the garden. I have a new folding chair hanging, which is for use at this bottom end of the garden. 
Suddenly I have loads of room in the greenhouse, loads of clear floor space and loads of bench space. My potting table is now ready for use, I have never wanted it in the shed, it's just too small in there. 
I cleaned the outside glass of the greenhouse, it looks like new, and is still in great condition. 
Next spring I will have room for loads of trays of bedding plants, this year I struggled, I do have my camping 2 level table I can put up if I need it, I can get 4 seed trays on it. 
I am exhausted but really happy, now I promise I have no big jobs left in the garden, I do have 1 small job for the autumn, hubby agrees it will be an improvement.  
Whilst I have been busy in my area, hubby has sanded one of our wooden garden chairs and stained making it look as good as new, it took 2 days but the chair does look nice. He has another chair, bench and table to do, we are not sure how old the set is, but it's well over 15 years. 


  1. It doesn't take you long to get a job done once you've put your mind to it.

  2. You've done well … no wonder you are "exhausted but really happy,"

    All the best Jan

  3. I used to empty my big greenhouse out every year and clean everything and put it back in. Oh how I miss it.

  4. It's great when a plan comes good. My greenhouse has tomatoes and butternut squash, everything else is in the garden.

  5. The greenhouse is sounding perfect. It is so satisfying to finish an organizing project like that. Now you can relax and enjoy using it :)

  6. It all looks wonderfully organised. I'm not surprised you are happy with it. It will make life much easier for you.

  7. You are a whirling dervish when you decide to do something Marlene, it all looks so lovely.
    Our wooden furniture is old too, DH here gives it sand and coat of something each year to protect it.
    Enjoy a rest now LOL

  8. What a relaxing space. Well done!



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