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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Almost like spring

My kitchen jug is done, spring flowers,
all silk flowers, I love this corner.
 Lime plant
Limes do not have pips in any more, this will go with my lemon and orange plants.
My desk has loads of plants, some looking better than others
 Coffee plants grow well as houseplants, so I am going to replant the bigger ones from this pot into a huge pot, which is by the patio doors in our living room. I will leave 4 shoots in this mug to stay here in the office, but I will have to move it in the summer months as coffee plants grow in the shade. 
Frosty mornings, we both have warm feet. 
I went out on Thursday with youngest daughter, we popped to a few places and then to a local garden center, where I got the lime plant, I have given up looking for pips in limes, they are now grown pip-less. I also purchased a new air plant, mine died when I put it in the upstairs bathroom, the new plant is in my office, away from the window, I have added my purchases to my stash list. The office is looking green, I do like to see plants on my desk, it's a lovely sunny spot, and there's a radiator under the desk, so ideal growing spot in the cooler months. I am going to repot all my citrus plants, I got a bag of citrus compost.
I dressed up on Thursday wearing a skirt, and knitted jacket, it was so warm and sunny, it did feel good. I can't wait until spring is here, but I know March will be a beast it always is, so the unexpected warm sunny days in February are cherished.
Friday was dull all day, I did house work all morning, our new battery came for the Dyson, so I was able to do everywhere in one go. After lunch I visited my eldest daughter, she was home waiting for the cooker repair man to call. It is nice to have time inside chatting, she is now back at work after her recent knee operation.
I have ordered another weaving book, I have seen it recommended on loads of American sites for weavers, it is focused on my style of loom and should help me up another level.
I don't have any plans for the weekend, I hope to finish Will's jumper and work on my second sock, but if the weather is good I will be outside in the garden. If it's dull and cold, I will get out my sewing machine.


  1. It's so spring like at the moment. I've just noticed this morning that the grass has had a growth spurt so that will need cutting. We had the cooker repair man out on Thursday too, it went kaput on Wednesday but we had it working again on Thursday so I was really pleased it was mended so quickly.

  2. The little lime plant is adorabe. Do you get fruit from your citrus plants? I kept a tiny orange plant alive once long enough for it to bloom, they smelled wonderful

    1. So far they are too small, my lemon plant is the biggest, so I hope for blossom soon.

  3. As well as your plants I like the flowers in your first picture.

    We are having such spring-like weather at the moment, enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  4. The coffee plant is interesting.



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