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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Finish and homecoming

I have finished this small blanket for a baby, the colours are more for a girl than a boy, so it is not for George, my daughter has a friend who has a baby girl and I will gift it to them. 

 I did not use all the yarn, it is already bigger than the blankets I made George and Will, this yarn will be added to my crochet square blanket I am making, this uses the thinner of the 4ply yarns, so the squares all come out a similar size.
 New book, new author for me, I enjoyed every word, could not put it down, I guessed the plot well before the end, but it did not matter, the ending was abrupt, but it allows you to finish their story. I will look out for more of her books. 
George came home yesterday, this photo was taken in the baby unit, after his treatment and looking so much better. Thank you for your kind comments, he is 2 months tomorrow and just so young to be having difficulties breathing, we know its a symptom of DS, but the doctors said he is a strong baby, we all worry about our children and grand children of all ages, but seeing a baby struggling for breath is heartbreaking. 
Yesterday was fun with Will, he is such a happy little boy, he spent some time looking out of our spare bedroom window watching the gas men fill the huge holes, our street is starting to look normal again, they have only done our side of the street, everyone is watching to see if they start digging up the other side.
Will spent time outside with hubby doing jobs in the garage and garden, he does love to spend time outside, he decided he would like pizza for lunch 'to warm him up', and had a long nap in the afternoon. He does no sleep every afternoon, but he was yawning when he came in, all the fresh air finished him off.
When he woke we drove to the hospital to collect mummy and George, our house is much closer the daughters house to our hospital, and I drove them all home, had a beautiful cuddle with George, I did not stay long grandma and grandpa were on their way for cuddles and checking to see if the lovely family were OK, they had been away for the weekend and I know grandma was desperate to see them.
Today we have George for a couple of hours, daughter has things to do and we all agreed it better he stays in the warm, Will is at nursery. So no plans, the heating is on and the house is warm, I hope to do some reading or knitting or maybe just cuddle a beautiful little boy.


  1. So glad George is out of hospital and on the mend. He has a lovely lot of hair :-) Jacob doesn't have much hair at all and we can't make our mind up if he is going to be red like Bonnie or blond like his momma was :-) I'm sure your lovely crochet blanket will be much appreciated.

  2. So happy to hear George is out of hospital. I have been doing some gardening this morning, just a bit of weeding, as it was dry and not to cold. Your blanket is gorgeous and it's always nice to be able to give someone a little gift. Best, Jane x

  3. Little George is lovely, I have a cousin who's Downs, he's 29, happy and healthy. Your new blanket is very pretty, love the colours. How nice to have a very willing little helper in the garden.

  4. George is so gorgeous. That will be a precious blanket for a little girl. My grandson had a knitted blanket made by a friend and it went to bed with him until he was 4! :)

    1. Will still takes his blanket every night, even now he is in a bed and it's too small.

  5. So good to read George has improved and allowed to come home, a relief for you all. That's a nice blanket for a baby girl.

  6. George is so gorgeous - I hope that his breathing will continue to be OK now he is home - grandchildren are such a worry but breathing problems are definitely more of a worry than other things.

  7. I am happy to read that George has been allowed to come home.

    What a lovely blanket.

    God bless.

  8. I'm so glad to hear that George is home. You're right, it's horrible to hear a baby struggling for breath so I hope he's on the mend now. The blanket is lovely, such pretty colours, I'm sure it will be treasured.



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