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Monday, 13 January 2020

just so gloomy

In between the rain drops, our view has changed, now we can see the huge building our neighbours have built, it is not an issue, at a glance it looks like a high fence, in the summer the plants on the back fence will hide most of it. I am pleased it is wooden, bricks would not have the soft natural finish. 
 This is the only colour inside, these are all silk and many years old, in an older jug from hubby's family, I look at these rather than out the kitchen window. 
 My amaryllis is doing well, I am pleased to see a second bud, I now only purchase these from garden centres, I pay more, but the plant is stronger, having said that I have not as yet got a bulb to bloom a second time, any tips?
 A friend suggested I try this author, he writes crime novels all set locally, just outside of Portsmouth, I am happy to try any new author.
 I am keeping a food diary, something I have never done, I am rather pleased as it does read well, so far I have just stopped snacking and eating less, we both eat healthy and cook from scratch, but I have lost a few pounds. 
I'm feeling a bit blue, but it's to be expected as it's so dull outside, everywhere is just so grey, but I say this most January's, going out is an effort, having to get so many outer clothes, just to stay warm and dry.
Friday, I did some sorting in the office, it was a sunny for a couple of hours in the morning and the office was bright, I sorted my bottom craft drawer, and got rid of more magazines and cross stitch books, I now have spare space, later I read and watched some TV.
Saturday we did walk to the village, but the rest of the day was inside, we had to clear one half of our kitchen, moving everything from our tall food cupboard, and the counters, later I read whilst hubby watched TV.
Yesterday, we finished emptying the kitchen, we are having our new gas boiler fitter this morning, plus a pipe renewed, which has caused us to clear out so much giving space for the engineer. We did manage a small walk before the rain started, afternoon we were both inside we are both book worms, so time passes quickly, and we are very comfortable together.
Will is due today, I think I will take him out to lunch, he does like to walk to Darcy's, I don't expect to be able to get into our kitchen until later.


  1. I hate having jobs done in the house, it always creates a bit of chaos and extra jobs. Your amaryllis is shooting up, it doesn't take long once they get going. No tips on getting one to flower for a second time I'm afraid, I tried it last year but only got leaves. I always keep a food diary when I'm trying to lose weight, I don't know why but I find it really helps. I suppose it's the fact that you can't cheat if you're writing everything down, plus it helps you to keep track of what's working and what isn't. Good luck with it, I haven't got the motivation to get back on my diet yet.

  2. No tips on the amaryllis either, I've tried twice and like Jo only got leaves. I don't mind Winter bit I don't like the damp days we are getting at the moment, everywhere looks so dull. I hope the boiler fitting is not too disruptive, I don't like work being done either but sometimes we just have to grin and bear it. I hope your spirit lifts soon.

  3. I did a bit of drawer and cupboard tidying last week. It's surprising how much gets stuff you seem to hang on to and then don't know why you hung on to it! A good de-clutter always feels good. Have a lovely day with Will. Best, Jane x

  4. I did a bit of work on the sewing/craft room as well. Mostly moving around patterns and yarn. I hope to finish off another little area in there at some point today.

    I hope you have a lovely visit with Will.

    God bless.

  5. No help here on the amaryllis, sorry. My gifted one this year is doing well, my grandaughter measured it yesterday and it stands at 9cm. I've given her one so she can watch how fast it grows at home.
    Well done on losing a few pounds, keeping a note of what you eat is a good idea. Hope your day with Will was nice and you didn't get caught in a shower on your walk.

  6. Yes, this time of year can be gloomy, wet and windy too!
    Roll-on Spring :)

    Hope you enjoyed your day with Will.

    All the best Jan

  7. I agree, this January has been dismal to say the least! Every this damp, dank and gloomy. A cold, crisp, sunny day lifts the spirits, but those have been few this year and to be fair in last month too. No wonder some animals hibernate! Having a lovely long sleep and waking up a slimmer version of me sounds a good idea, haha!

  8. Put the amaryllis near a window during the day. They love light. Mine was in a conservatory and it had 3 massive blooms. I only watered it during the day while temperatures were higher too.



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