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Friday, 24 January 2020

Happiness is....

Firstly, I have warm toes, I have been wearing hand knitted socks for weeks, I love everything about them, they also look so good. I have had loads of comments from friends, I shall have to start another pair as I love knitting them as much as wearing them. 
 My book for 2018 arrived this week.
 Lovely to look back

 Even to read what I was doing 2 years ago, on this day.
I am completely pleased with my latest blog book for the year 2018, this being my 9th book where I have taken each post into print. My 1st book was for 2009 and 2010 together, all the rest are one for each year. I do often look at my books, I like to read back, our grandsons love to see their photos, and it's a great reference for my crafting.
I normally have the book printed in November, I make the book on my computer and when finished I upload to the printing site, but there was an issue and it would not upload, I had tried everything and had thought, that's it no more books. Hubby had a guy in to fix an issue with his computer and we turned mine on for him to check and I remembered this issue, it took the guy less than 5 minutes to sort it and free the book to be uploaded. For the past 9 years I have saved my name Poppypatchwork and password on my computer, but to log on the site separately I use my email address, it seams they must of changed the setup, I probably got an email, which I did not read, I did hang my head in shame.
I'm doing nothing at the moment, last weekend wore me out, all the worry for George, and my daughter, I have ate chocolate twice in the last few days. We had George for a couple hours on Tuesday, mummy had her hair done, she was going to cancel, but we wanted her to go, it was good for her and we loved having George to ourselves for the first time, he is again improving and eating better. Thank you for all your kind comments, bloggers are such wonderful people, we share so much together. I also find so much support from a facebook group for grandparents of DS children, it's sad to see sick children, but it's balanced by seeing so many DS children doing so well in their lives. There is alot of love in our world, under all the madness of modern life.


  1. Lovely socks! It's a sad world we live in and we must look for all those good, bright spots and not let the doom and gloom crush us. Norman's step-son is 40 and has DS and twin sisters with DS that I've known since their birth are now 30 and are very happy and healthy ladies. Best, Jane x

  2. I love the idea of the yearly book... Is it horribly expensive? Chocolate is the cure for all ills. We should eat more of it :-)

    1. I use a company called Blurb, and the cost of the book with decent paper and a nice hard cover is always about £100, but I always waituntil a good discount, this time I got 30% off and free shipping, so it cost £55. Still not cheap, it's always over 200 pages. There are other companies, but I like my books to always look the same.

  3. Glad to hear George is steadily improving.

    I like your printed book of the blog. Do you include all the comments or just your own posts?

    1. I have never included the comments, I do love to read them, but I wanted my blog book to be my journel. I do always add the date.

  4. So glad George is back at home and doing well.
    Love the socks! I really must get round to knitting some this year, lol. Glad you got your computer issue sorted, sometimes we are looking for something complicated when somethings doesn't work when the answer is quite simple, I'm still having to ask when I can't find things on Windows 10 at work, and usually someone will come and point it out right away! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Sorry to hear your grandson has been unwell. I must have missed that post. Love your socks. I'd love to be able to knit them. That would be all I would wear on my feet.

  6. So good to read George is improving.
    There was an interview on BBC with a DS young man who works at a funeral directors. It was so inspiring to hear that people ask particularly for him as he is so compassionate and professional. A lovely young man.


  7. Very nice socks!! Knitted socks are so very warm and comfy.

    Love the book.

    God bless.



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