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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Planning a new projects.

Our village is going to have a poppy display this year, on our local facebook page an appeal was posted asking for ladies to make poppies, so I collected the pattern, purchased some cheap yarn, and now I need to knit. 
 I think I have found the knitting pattern  to use with this yarn, it's 4ply, I have 400 grms of baby merino, and 100 grms of the hand dyed. It's knitted top down, which I love, if I should run out of yarn I can get more, the site still has the lighter green with same dye lot and have 47 balls, so I should not have any problems.  
The design, I will make my colour bands much bigger, and I have a plan for the sleeves to be a bit different, maybe use some blocks of contrast colours. 
 This collage of 4 show other knitters choice of colours, 
these images were taken from the pattern site. 
I am really glad I found a design I like, I am enjoying knitting the squares, but being so small, I feel all I am doing is casting on. I have made a couple jumpers knitted neck down one with stripes and I really enjoyed making it, the stripes on the sleeves worked with ease. I can't sit and do nothing, watching TV on dull days is just not an option, I do like reading, but I'm struggling with my latest book. Last year I was making the huge ripple blanket for our spare bed, a perfect project as it was colourful and warm whilst making it. 
We have not done much, the boiler fitter was in our kitchen for 2 days, but now it's finished we are very pleased and the house is much warmer. 
Monday we had Will, who was very interested in the man working in the kitchen, I had to keep taking him to see the progress being made, we walked to the village for lunch, Will does love to see the ladies at Darcy's, he took his doctors items and was helping a lady there to feel better, real fun, everyone loves a happy toddler. Later mummy came to pick him up with George, so we had loads of cuddles with him, he was wake, his eyes following the noises and light, he is gaining weight, but still a small boy. 
Tuesday we finally got our kitchen back, I spent the afternoon cleaning and putting things back, it was not too grubby, the guy was a clean worker. I also went out in the morning for coffee with the sign ladies, we still like to meet and chat, it was at my neighbours house so I did not get wet. 
Wednesday was a day at home, I sorted some sewing, daughter has purchased a king size quilt which she wants me to cut down to 2 cot quilts. Later we walked to the village, our streets are very messy, the gas men are digging huge holes in the pavements, they try and be clean, but with all the rain it's hard for them. 
Tuesday into Wednesday was the most rain we have seen for years, it was non stop for hours and very windy. The weather caused no problems in our garden, the broken fence panels are blown towards the neighbours garden, and her overgrown plants keep them upright, 


  1. I like the pattern you've chosen. I've been contemplating casting on another cardigan, I looked out a pattern but have put it away again for now, I've just got too much going on at the moment with my dad being in hospital to cast on something new. Awww, a lovely photo of your lovely boys together.

    1. I thought it must have been your dad poorly, after i read a comment, hope he's feeling better soon.

  2. Love the look of the cardigan. I wanted to try and knit a couple of garments for myself this year but no plans to cast anything else on just yet. Glad the boiler man didn't make too much mess, some people can be messy workers, my husband does most of our DIY jobs and is a very clean and tidy worker :-)

  3. We are having a new boiler next week!!Lovely photo of the boys.

  4. That's certainly a nice cardigan pattern. George looks nice and cosy in his little suit. I love to see toddlers having fun and parents letting them speak to other people. I've chatted to some children and had some rather awful looks and felt dreadful in the supermarket recently. It's nice when workmen show respect and work clean

  5. Lovely cardigan pattern! You can do so very much with a pattern like that.

    God bless.

  6. I love that you are knitting poppies, Marlene. I think that's such a special thing in remembrance to do. I have a knitted poppy brooch that I wear on ANZAC Day. MegXx



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