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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Yarn enhancement

I've been online shopping, my daughter asked if I would make blankets for the new baby George (due in December), as I had made some for Will, one seen here. He has this blanket on his bed every night. 
 These are for a ripple blanket for the new baby, again I had made one for Will, seen here, which is used in the car. I ordered from 2 sites as I could not get the cotton brand from my normal site. I love Patons Baby Smiles 4ply. There are a few more balls than I require, I don't need full balls to make the size I require and I love have a stash of colours. 
I am going to knit myself another shawl, with matching gloves, I am using baby merino wool, this has the least allergies, I am hoping it will be alright for me as I can't wear wool because of the lanolin. I have to find a pattern, any suggestions. 
We popped to Hobbycraft for a buckle and poppers for my home made bag, I could not find anything, so I am going to have to rethink, but these 4ply balls of 150grm yarn was £7 a ball, on offer buy 2 get 1 free, a really good price, so I picked up 3, not sure if I will knit with them or use them on my loom, the colours are very me. 
I have plenty to do over the next few weeks, I will make the ripple blanket first, as it will be needed for car journeys.  I also have the following to finish.
  1. 2 pair of socks for Christmas presents - I have started both
  2. Crochet toy dog, it's tiny, but I do want to finish it
  3. Making my bag - I still have to find the buckle or change my plans
  4. Finish a cross stitch Christmas design - not stitched since 2016
  5. Finish my scarf on my loom
  6. Work on my 2018 blog book - it is all uploaded, I am now checking and rechecking before sending it for print. 
I do have other things to make, two Christmas cakes need to be baked later this month, but my garden is now taking very little of my time, we very rarely put on day time TV, we don't go out often, so I should have plenty of time to get things done.
I am also begining to form the design for my Christmas cards, I have everything I need already to make the cards, it's just a case of doing a trail run to see if it all looks right once cut out. 
The above list is just the things I want to focus on for now, I do have other things in a half finished state. 
I am home alone, hubby is on his way home today, having been away since Friday, I have got loads of knitting done, had another go at glass fusion, it's very hard to get the timing right on the microwave, but I'm not giving up.
Friday a friend who I worked with many years ago, came over, we walked to the village for lunch and caught up with all the gossip, later I had a lazy evening in front of the TV.
Saturday was a day at home, I did not even walk to the village, another lazy evening, I am feeling very relaxed at the moment. I have not read for a couple of days, preferring to be busy crafting. 
I also ensured I now know my sign language play and the song which we will preform infront of a local elderly club next month, I have been practising most of the week. 


  1. I love the pink wool. Like you I gave a list of things to finish and some to start. I got some cheap chunky wool from poundland. 12 balls for £8.

  2. I love all your shawl yarn colours, just my sort of colours too.

  3. I know you've mentioned it before but can you remind me who you use for a blog into book. I might have time to do one this winter

    1. I use Blurb, this will be my 10th book, I am still pleased with the design, as I love my books to be the same.

    2. Thank you I will bookmark that so I don't forget

  4. Nice colours for the new baby blanket, I like the colours of the yarn you bought at Hobby Craft too, that looks as though it would weave up lovely.

  5. All those proposed Christmas projects are going to keep you busy. There's some very nice crochet shawl designs on Ravelry.



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