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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Family time

We went out for lunch on Monday in the village, walking back home past our local barbers, which was empty, we took Will in for a hair cut. Will loves it here, because Grancha has his hair cut. 
 Love this photo. 
I have not done much other than reading, as a bookworm I find true pleasure is settling down with a new book to read. I hope to pop to the library tomorrow to get some more books. I have done a small amount of baby George's crochet blanket, but I can't hold the hook for too long.
Sunday we popped to Will's house, Will now has a single bed, it's a cabin bed, which is set low, when he's a bit older it can be set high enough to use the floor space below. His potty training is going very well, only an occasional accident. He looks so old in the photo's above but he is still only 2 years old.
Monday, mummy and Will came to ours, normally mummy leaves Will with us and gets on with things, but as she has only 5 weeks until George will arrive, she is doing less, and relaxed with us all day.
Tuesday was sign class, we started earlier, and got loads done, we are now starting to learn more Christmas songs. Hubby and I read in the afternoon, and I finished my last book from the library.
Today I am meeting a old work friend for lunch, hubby and I will pop to town early , I will stay in town and catch the bus home, I am still not driving, my grip is still very tender.
Later this week I have a few small things to do in the garden, plant some more tulips and a general tidy around.


  1. Awww, what a cutie. They do look so grown up when they have a hair cut, don't they? I'm really into my reading again at the moment, though my crafting is taking a back seat again.

  2. Such a cutie, sitting in that chair :)

  3. Will is adorable! His little serious face in the second photo is so sweet. Hope your hand continues to improve. xx

  4. Aww, Will's little face in the second photo is adorable! Hope your hand is gradually healing, but glad you're enjoying your reading while incapacitated:)

  5. He did well sitting to have his hair cut, I remember Oliver used to be really scared. Bonnie hasn't had her haircut yet, it's growing rather slowly, I think Joanne want's it to grow quicker so she can put in pigtails, lol

    1. Will hated the clippers and is now OK with them, but he is still unhappy with the hair dryer, but the barber is great with him.

  6. He is so adorable - my new grandson's (9 months now)hair is growing longer now - as we have only ever known girls in the family neither me nor my daughter know quite how to style it for a boy - I hope a hairdresser will when it comes to cutting but don't want to end up with a shaved head or spikes!!

  7. Will is 3 in February, so mummy and daddy likes him to have a proper boys hair cut, when it is short he is very blonde.

  8. Loved these photographs, Will looks great with his smart haircut.

    All the best Jan



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