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Saturday, 26 October 2019

Finishes and planning a start

I have finished this cot blanket for George, it's not huge, perfect size for a baby. I used Drops 💗you, cotton 4ply, and used 12 x 50grm balls. 
 I still have all the ends to work in, I have a tiny rug hook, which I use, 
hope to get it all done in the week. 
 These are pretty boys colours, 
whilst not using the same shades of blue as used for Will's blanket, 
which he still takes to bed with him. 
 I have done some more glass fusion, these are made with triangles of glass in a circle, overlapping, but leaving a gap in the middle to be able to hang them. Neither is perfect, but I will use them on my Christmas tree this year. I have a couple of designs in my head, I hope to get them done soon. 
 Back to crochet, these are the colours for the ripple blanket for George to use in the car,  this will be the same size as the one I made Will, just the colours will be different. This will be a simple quick design, which I can thread the yarn ends in as I make it.
I'm not in a rush to start the ripple blanket, I really want to knit, I have enough yarn for a chunky jumper or a 4ply Alpaca jumper and a few shawls. I have just half a sock to finish for a Christmas gift, I might knit another pair, I have loads of sock yarn.
I also need to sort the scarf I am weaving, it should have been finished ages ago, the loom is on a small table in my dining room and is in the way, so that's my incentive to get it done. This will be done over the weekend, some of the blisters have broken on my fingers, and whilst they do not hurt, I think it's best if I don't hold hooks or needles for a couple of days.
I did pop to our local library and get some more books to read, so I have plenty to do.
I have been sorting, packing away baby toys and books which Will no longer uses, some went to our local charity shop, I have his toy box to do next, it is overflowing with toys. I also have some shoes and clothes I have not worn for over a year, these I take to the red cross collection, where clothes are given to those in need for free.


  1. You've certainly got plenty to be getting on with. The blanket is lovely, such pretty colours.

  2. Lovely blanket for George, am sure he'll love it as much as Will loves his. Doing anything with yarn whilst you have burst blisters would be problematical, I should think, as well as sore. Have a nice restful weekend, Marlene.

  3. Lovely blanket and such lovely colours! I still only do granny stitch, but I do love it. I bet you must be so excited about George imminent arrival. Best, Jane x

  4. George's blanket is lovely, Marlene. I'm sure he'll love being snuggled up in it! I think you're right to abstain from yarny stuff at the mo, the repetitive movement would aggravate your broken blisters. So with that in mind, have a happy reading weekend!

  5. Very pretty colour choices on both those blankets.

    God bless.

  6. I love the blanket and your glass decorations. Very talented.

  7. That looks a lovely blanket for George, such good colours.

    All the best Jan

  8. You are very talented! I am in awe of this and also the glasswork on your other post.



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