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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Nothing much

Just a couple of my home made cards, I am loving these pretty cut edges, and using the shiny card. All the cards have been posted, I forgot to take photo's, these are just a couple I have left over. 
 Single rose from our garden
 It has opened from a small bud, 
I went to our sign class Christmas nativity yesterday, followed by a lunch made by our teacher, and some fun afterwards, plus a secret Santa. The day was very enjoyable, I don't have any photo's but we have been sent the video of our performance. It's so much fun together, we all have different abilities, but we all work together, Shelia who put us all together is a saint, she makes everything we do fun, and the signs just stick in my mind. We have finished until 8th Jan, with no homework, but I hope to be able to find some time to read my notes.
At home we have very little to do, Christmas list are all in order, most things are sorted, just final shopping for fresh items. Christmas dinner is for 6 people here, so not to huge, but big enough to make it look a feast. I do have the Christmas cake to finish, it should be done next week.
The garden is looking after it's self, the leaves have finished falling, I love to see the bare branches, and the shape of the tree, at this time of year.
Hubby is out this morning, so I am going to walk to our local market, it is tiny, but the village is always busy, won't take long. Late we are going to look for a new bedroom clock, ours has broken, and we do like to see the time when we wake up.
It is lovely to have a couple of days without rain, and I am loving the colder weather, it's now feeling correct for December, we have had crazy weather this year.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you are super on top of everything Marlene! I always try to be but inevitably when I think I have loads of time, I look up one day and something reminds me it's only 10 days to Christmas so then I have a mad panic.
    London has turned suddenly chilly too, it takes me a while to get all wrapped up to leave the house, but I do like getting all the winter hats and gloves out!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Your cards are pretty, I love the cut out design on them. Sign class sounds like lots of fun, it's nice that you've met some great people who you get on with too.

  3. Like you I'm pleased to have a break from grey and wet weather. Sunny but colder here today - much better

  4. and forgot to say love the cards, how did you make the cut edges?

  5. I saw that 2 small roses have opened in my front garden this morning, there are leaf buds opening on may of the shrubs. I hope that they do not suffer for this, next years blooms may well be sparse. We have had a few dryish days which i am making the most of.

  6. Oh my goodness, we haven't really done much Christmas shopping yet! Just got our tree yesterday. I wish I were half as prepared as you!

  7. Such beautiful cards Marlene, they're stunning.

  8. Love your card.
    That rose looks lovely and a nice colour.

    All the best Jan

  9. Your cards are beautiful!! Maybe that is the last rose of summer!

  10. Stunning cards, they are fabulous.

  11. Lovely cards Marlene. I still have lots of presents to wrap, so not organized really. We had a lovely frosty morning this morning, a very welcome change to the dull rainy days :-)



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