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Friday, 21 December 2018

Getting closer

Hubby got me Christmas flowers
  2003, 2013 and last year, all special ornaments 
 Purchased in 70's this is the oldest item on our tree
This pot was left on my drive this week. 
I was surprised to find a pot on my drive, it had been by next doors front door. I spoke to the new owners daughter (she lives across the road), her mum asked Win's nephew to clear all the furniture from inside and all the pots from the front. So we decided Phil popped the pot on my drive, anyway it's mine to keep. Perfect for my orange tree, which I will re-pot this spring, it's a great size and very useful and pretty.
I love our family history on our Christmas tree, I have never had a colour themed tree, I prefer the traditional mix of colours, I enjoy looking at our ornament collection.
We are all sorted for Christmas day, my brother is driving down from Somerset, to stay with us, he was with us last year and we had so much fun.
We have just a few items to get on Sunday, which we will get from the Co-op, we are still using the vouchers. Our cupboards, freezers and fridge are all full, I don't know why I buy so much food, not all of it is special for Christmas, I just like seeing everywhere well stocked, can't even use the excuse of bad weather, we have never been snowed in at Christmas, in fact I can only remember twice in my life when I have been snowed in, and they were years ago.
Hubby and I have both agreed to have the lowest spending January possible, neither of us will want anything in the sales, I can't see us going shopping much.


  1. I love your tree
    Julie xxxx

  2. Your Christmas flowers look lovely, and so does your tree.

    All the best Jan

  3. I don't have a colour themed tree either, I like an eclectic mix of ornaments, there are still some on there which the kids made when they were little.

  4. Oh yes, I agree, we want not for much in the beginning of the year. Except maybe school supplies for our two kids. But besides that, we're always living off the Christmas leftovers in the fridge, and I really do not want to see the inside of another shop. Enjoy your Christmas festivities with family.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful and I love the family trees. We have one like that too.

  6. Some of my decorations belonged to my gran so quite vintage and very delicate now. I select different ones each year depending on the size of tree we have and can even colour co-ordinate them if I wish to. Each ornament holds a special memory which is the best bit.
    It sounds like you are all raedy for the big day! Have a Happy Christmas. x

  7. I'm playing blog reading catch up, its been a busy week.
    your cake looks wonderful. We bought a choc log too. The blanket is growing well. Pretty Christmas tree, sweet special ornaments.
    Love and blessings x



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