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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Home made Christmas

This card was made in bulk, well 12 cards in all, one for everyone who attends our sign classes, I love the statement A snowflake is a winters butterfly. The message inside the card is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, using fingerspelling. Each card was slightly different, the snowflakes are different and placed randomly. 
I have decorated the spare room for my brother, this was purchased last year. He will arrive a few days before Christmas.
 I have read a few post where bloggers are sorting their saving pot, our pot is only half full, we don't have so much change as we don't go shopping so much. We have decided to leave this pot until it is full, probably, this time next year.  
I have made more cards, I try and make most of the cards we send, I have enjoyed making each one different, using cards from last year, and my new dies purchased, plus I had the lovely thicker card purchased on Black Friday.
My Christmas cake has the marzipan layer on, I will top ice soon, I have not as yet made the rest of the top decorations, but I do know what I am making.  Daughter took her cake home, she will marzipan her's this weekend.  It is pleasing to see she is interested in using my recipe and following my instructions and has suggested she bake her own next year.
Hubby received again this year £50 of Co-op vouchers from his old company, we are never sure if this will happen every year, but it's a bonus to get them. We recently changed energy supplier and received another £50 of Co-op vouchers as part of the deal, Co-op is not the cheapest place to shop, but it's local for all the fresh items, and shopping in the village is less stressful at this time of year.
We have most of what we require, the freezer is full as is the food cupboards, we are hoping to avoid the mad frenzy of the next few weeks.  Grandsons again this year will have money for them to choose what they want, not the best, but helps us stay within budget, and they love to spend in the January sales.
I am a list maker, and it's pleasing to note most items on the list have a tick beside them, hubby has been helping this year, not sure how much he has enjoyed it, but having his input is good.


  1. We use the co-op down the road from us. I don't find it much more expensive than the supermarket. I like the seeded farmhouse bread which we get from Lidl for 89p but, John likes Co-op's white toastie which is 60p. And of course you get 5p in the £ back. My dad took out a Co-op funeral policy and got £250 to spend in the Co-op! He was chuffed with that. We used to save money in a jar, but we gave it up and just 'copper up' when we're only buying one or two things and the shop is always glad of small change for the till. Best, Jane x

  2. Beautiful cards Marlene, how lovely to make them so appropriate for your sign class. Like you, we've been collecting spare change for years but don't have nearly as much now....for the same reason, we don't go shopping nearly as often!

  3. What a great idea for cards for your sign class, I'm sure they'll be very well received. It sounds like you're well planned and organised. I thought I was doing well but I've been put back a bit with things as I'm staying with my mum at the moment as my dad is back in hospital.

  4. Great idea with the savings jar, we will do that next year. The card is lovely too.

  5. I too enjoy lists, they really help you plan things out, and also I then don't forget anything, well that is the plan LOL!

    I agree it is so pleasing when most items on the list have a tick beside them,

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. Your handmade cards are going to be very well received with the sign class, they'll really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to make them special. My list is being ticked off slowly, but that's ok, the most important are done, its the fiddly bits left.



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