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Sunday, 16 December 2018


Christmas cake is finished
 Very simple handmade by me,
 I decided the smaller cake did not require a second topper. 
We have had a couple of quiet days at home, Friday I was in need of a restful day, we did walk to the village, and hubby treated us to lunch at Darcy's, but we were home for the rest of the day. Later we watched Gogglebox and The Graham Norton show, both I enjoyed for different reasons.
Saturday it was raining when we got up and I don't think it stopped all day, we did not venture out at all, there were points when the noise of the heavy rain was loud enough to stop us doing things to look out the window. This is not a moan, because believe me compared to the rest of the country, we got off lightly, no ice rain, no snow and very little storm Deidre. We are lucky as we do not have issues with flooding, even the most heavy rain is able to drain away, the garden is looking OK, hubby has been out to refill the bird feeders.
I have wrapped the few gifts we have here, whilst listening to Christmas music, I love all the old songs from the 50's, and adore all the Christmas songs from the sound track of The Gremlins.
We had a Chinese, cooked at home for tea last night as it was party time in our house, just hubby and I, we always have a Strictly final party.  I loved the result, but the standard of the dancing has been brilliant this year, so many people really wanted to make each week memorable. 
I have done loads on my ripple blanket, it's the perfect thing to be doing on a cold day, as I can snuggle as I am working, it's getting huge, I will soon be finished the 4th round of colours, I can't wait for this to be in use on our spare bed.
I have a bit of house work to do, Will is coming over with mummy and daddy later, so I need to ensure there are no cat hairs about.


  1. Your cake is wonderful. We were forecast a bit of snow yesterday but we didn't get any, thank goodness, just heavy rain. I'm really pleased with the Strictly result.

  2. Lovely cake and the wee reindeer gits perfectly. We too stayed indoors yesterday and I cracked on with my sewing-40 tissues holders ready for the sheltered housing Christmas lunch and will be delivered tomorrow.

  3. I like to see an iced cake but none of us eats icing and I detest almond icing, the SO and Francesca have asked for Bara Brith and Chocolate Yule Log respectively. No probs easy makes that will all be eaten.

  4. So wet here too. It was lovely to stay in the warm and watch the Strictly final.

  5. The Christmas cake is so pretty. I would be afraid to cut into it!

  6. I do like your cake it looks lovely.

    All the best Jan



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