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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Before the rain returns

My pots are looking good, 
but the spring bulbs are growing far too early
 Normal flowers for this time of year
 Geraniums flowering in December
 Daisies in December 
 Fuchsia bud in December
(sorry not a great photo)
We are due storms and heavy rain for the rest of the week, so a quick walk around our garden. I have far more colour than expected, everywhere is looking tidy, I have loads of shoots from spring bulbs showing, they normally are stopped by a cold spell and then regrow at the correct time in the spring.
I still love to sit and watch our garden, now full of wildlife coming into the bottom for food, our garden is not too long so we can view everything with ease.
We have not been out and about, most days we stay local, we had Will yesterday morning, he was lovely, playing with the wooden train set.
Today we will walk to the village, collect my coat and a couple items for the fridge. Later we are going to the cinema, we have not decided what film to watch, there are 3 all starting at the same time.
It's that limbo time, we have full freezers and cupboards, almost everything is ready, we just have to wait a couple of days before we purchase the fresh items, dairy, veg and the madness begins.


  1. It's been so mild that the flowers are confused, a cold spell will set them back. Enjoy the film, whichever one you decide to see.

  2. I still have geraniums flowering! Yes, the weather is very mild for December. We don't get really cold weather or snow here, just occasional frosts although we do get the full fury of storms blowing in off the Irish Sea. Jane x

  3. We've had such a grey day and more rain …
    Enjoy the film, I wonder what you will see!

    All the best Jan

  4. We had a bad frost last Friday night but the plants seem to have survived. My daughter had freezing rain on Sunday and couldn't stand up - even worse she was carrying the baby at the time and hadn't appreciated how bad it was outside.

  5. The flowers are so lovely! It will be warm here for Christmas but that is okay. Services and a meal at church Christmas eve and a nice meal for us two Christmas day.



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