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Friday, 14 December 2018

Feeling festive

Sue asked how I cut the pretty edges of my cards, I use dies, these are just two I have, both purchased online from Wish, both from China and costing less than £3 each. I have purchased loads of dies from Wish, they are cheap, but in each case a £1 postage is added, as any orders are shipped as individual items. 
 Wednesday I went shopping with hubby, this bulb came home with me, we did not purchase many items, but enjoyed a wonder around the shops, plus a nice lunch. I did purchase a new winter coat, exactly what I was looking for and in a pre Christmas sale, but if it last as long as my previous coat I will be happy. 
 Hubby got me this as well
Thursday, youngest daughter picked me up early and we drove to Southampton for a girls shopping day, we found a car park for £5 all day (instead of just a couple hours), neither of us had anything to get, and enjoyed a lovely time together. Daughter looked in loads of clothes shops, I did get 2 pairs of trousers, they were perfect fit. I did get some special chocolates for Christmas day and a lovely tree decoration of an guardsman (hubby was a Welsh Guardsman for 12 years), it's now on our tree, hubby loved it. We had lunch at the German market and got a couple little trinkets.
I am really feeling festive, we get a few Christmas cards arriving, they are always fun to open, all my festive lights look good each evening, most are set to come on about 4ish and then go off just after 10, all the candles lit are the fake ones, so nice and safe here. I love to see all our decorations each year, they are like old friends visiting.
Daughter and I had a good look in John Lewis, but other than the guardsman for hubby, I passed on all the lovely decorations, I am so pleased with how the house looks.
Today we are both at home, no plans, will check all our list to ensure we have not forgotten anything.


  1. I could never imagine myself with a daughter when I was pregnant with Eleanor, having had a son first I envisioned myself with another boy but it's lovely to have a daughter to do girly things with. Your day out together sounds like fun, Eleanor's home from uni tomorrow so I've got lots of things planned so that we can spend plenty of time together whilst she's at home.

  2. My clothes purchase this winter may be another pair of those black insulated "tights" things girls wear with those extra short skirts. I put them under jeans and they keep me extra cosy!

  3. I will be having a look round the shops with Francesca in the "twixtmas" days. Nothing will be bought unless we spot some absolute bargains ready for this time next year.

  4. So pleased to read you are both enjoying things in the run up to Christmas. Mother/daughter time is precious isn't it.

  5. Sounds a lovely day with your daughter.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan



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