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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Saturday at home

Garden flowers in October
 Plus the sunshine which goes with them
 Strawberries and Olives
 I am neglecting the garden, I just don't have the energy to do much, hubby has cut the lawn again, so it is looking good, the cover is back on the alpine dish, the colours are just stunning and every thing is having a second bloom. I do need to empty the green houses, soon I will have alpine and succulents to go in them, plus my citrus plants.
We have popped into the bank and paid more off the mortgage, it felt really good, plus we are leaving our payments at the same level, so we overpay each month. I have also got a few things for Christmas, hubby still has his discount and this weekend is 20% off, so a few foodie things packed away. We are good we won't eat them before. It is early but it would be stupid to buy after his discount card has gone.
I have also filled my freezer tub with tea lights, yes I freeze my small candles, I light them straight from the freezer, this way a tea light will all evening, it's a tip I have used for years.
The evenings are snuggly, we have small lights around the room, a few nice fake candles going,  I have a beautiful wrap, it's too light to be a blanket, which is now on the back of my chair, if I use it, its more about snuggling than warmth.
Tonight a night in together, and tomorrow a day out, not sure where, we have been talking of going to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), it's just over an hours drive, but on checking they are closed for the rest of this year, oh well.


  1. Well done for paying a big chunk off your mortgage. We're currently overpaying ours on a monthly basis too. I too need to get out and clear up the garden. Maybe next weekend as we've got plans this weekend. Good luck getting yours done.

  2. Beautiful flowers. I love having candles glowing in the evenings and a snuggly blanket to wrap around myself too. Enjoy your day tomorrow whatever you may be doing.

  3. What a great feeling you must have had paying a chunk off your mortgage, they're like a chain around our necks, aren't they? What a shame about your plans for tomorrow but I'm sure you'll find somewhere else just as nice to go. Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.

  4. Your Olives are looking great, what do you plan on doing with them, we over pay our mortgage each month, we just have to be careful on the over-payments for the first three years otherwise we get penalised, then we can pay off a few big chunks :-)

  5. I get so excited when the yearly mortgage statement arrives in January and it looks so much less than it was five years ago!! I'm loving the snug dark evenings too. Not lit any candles yet though. Even though I have hundreds!

  6. The flowers are lovely! Hooray for paying a big chunk off that pesky mortgage.

  7. Snuggly blankets are out here too, there is quite a nip in the air as the evenings draw in.



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