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Monday, 26 October 2015

Oh bloody hell

It's been a full on couple of days, Yesterday was Sam's birthday, he loved his present from us, a skip lorry with two skips, for a little lad who want's to be a builder when he grows up (I know) it was perfect. Later we went to see him and 11 friends run around like 5 year old's should, then on to Asda. Not too bad you say. This being the only photo I got of him, too fast any where else in the play area.
We got home late afternoon needing a rest to our neighbour looking very white faced on our door step, Win next door had a tumble and was on the ground in pain, hubby has loads of first aid experience and was checking she was not too bad. 30 mins later the ambulance arrived and she was taken into A&E, she has fractured her hip, so I spent all last evening with her.
She had her operation today and I will pop back in later, her nephew is not local, so we like to help, and as you may all know we love Win, in 6 weeks she will be 101 years old, she is independent, quick and witty, so it caused us all suffering to see her. 
Today at work just four of out of an eight person team, so pretty stretched, two of the team thought it was a good day to ask silly questions all day, things they should be able to sort for themselves.  but today they needed my input, plus a huge problem with two suppliers who both wanting paying for gas at the same property. So I am tired, no Knack*r*d is a truer definition, roll on bed time. 
We don't get to many days like these, thank goodness, tomorrow my partner in crime is back in the office, so we can have a giggle about everything.
Happy news my mobile phone is fixed, will get it back tomorrow, I have missed all the features on it. 
At Asda I managed to get a couple pair of trousers for work and at £16.00 each a much better price. We also got a few more things for Christmas.
I have been knitting a few more Christmas puddings, I have to make the felt leaves and then sew on the berries. I also want to get out the sewing machine I have a small Christmas cushion to make up. 
Busy all round. 


  1. Oh, poor Win. I do hope she's on the road to recovery soon. That must have been such a shock for her. I think you could have done without silliness in the office, hope tomorrow's a better day all round.

  2. I don't think I'd get any work done if I worked in an office with you - I'd be too busy gassing!! Can't wait to see yer puds!

  3. Oh poor Win I hope she makes a good recovery it can be a really long haul with oldies, have a lovey restful evening sounds like you need one :-)

  4. Poor Win I hope she starts feeling much better. x

  5. OH poor lady, what a scary time for her. I hope she is comfortable in hospital and soon on the mend.

  6. Your merican friend needs to know . . . what's a kip lorry?



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